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Some new features in MT4

You know, this is my Blog in English and just upgraded to MovableType 4.0.
For this version. I’d like to show some new features included.
1) OpenID
The comment system is very powerful.
You can leave your comment anonymously or by Sign in.
What about this Sign in?
I give four options for other commenter. The MovableType built-in registered user is put here for myself.
Let me describe these for options:
A, OpenID
B, LiveJournal
C, Vox
D, TypeKey
They are all free.
There is a post discussing it.
2) Built-in support for integrated spam fighting and optionally displaying a CAPTCHA for comments
This one is so powerful. It can filter most of the spam comments.
I do like it.

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How to Upgrade MT3.3x to MT4.0

The record of upgrading from MovableType 3.34 to MovableType 4.0 shown as below:
1. Backup all related files first.
1.1. Backup all blog static files of my blogs, such as /v4/blog/
1.2. Backup the old MT program files, /mtcgi/
1.3. Backup database in MySQL Administrator.
1.4. Backup all entries from MT by Export.
2. Download MovableType 4.0 windows zip file. Unzip it for later use.
3. Disable and/or Remove retired plugins.
3.1. Disable Scode, Nofollow in MT backend.
3.2. Remove files belonging to these two plugins.
4. Copy all new MovableType 4.0 files, which prepared in step 2, into /mtcgi/ folder. Overwrite the old version files.
5. Login to upgrade. See screen-shot below,

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Upgraded to MovableType 4.0 and have a new look

It took me about two days to upgrade my MovableType3.34 to MovableType 4.0.
The upgrade is simple but to implement the layout and CSS is make me busy.
Now it is a new look. I like it. This is a style for San Francisco. My parent in law are living there.
I will try to find a photo of Vancouver to replace this header.

Upgrade MT 4 from Release Candidate 3 to final version

In MT RC3, there is some problem when I want to publish it or delete some entries.
Even I upgrade to MT 4 final. This problem still here.
It shows the error message like below:
Can’t call method “archive_label” on unblessed reference at lib/MT/App/ line 14152.
I checked the Movable Type 4.0 Upgrade Guide.
And later I got the answer.
The guide said some Plugins Should Be Removed.
So, in the backend, system, plugins, I disabled two plugins.
# Date-based Category Archives (provided by MT4 betas)
# Author Archives (provided by MT4 betas)
And also I remove the file:
Then this error gone. I can publish as normal.

MT4 released

During my vacation in Shanghai, MovableType 4.0 was released.
I tried a lot of time to test the beta version at Unofficial Site.
It is time to upgrade my MT 3.34 to MT 4.0. I knew there is a MT4.01 beta, but now I just want to use this final version.
OK, I will go through the guide of Movable Type 4.0 Upgrade Guide and guide of Installing Movable Type.
After my upgrading, the following official guide will be reviewed.
# Author’s Guide to Movable Type. Publishing and managing entries, publishing and managing pages, uploading files, managing assets.
# Designer’s Guide to Movable Type. An anatomy of Movable Type’s default templates, working with templates, using template modules, archive mapping, an overview of Movable Type’s template tag language.
# Administrator’s Guide. Managing blogs, managing users, managing a community, publishing options, maintaining your system, finding and installing plugins.
Just give me two days. Let me try the upgrade on the testing bed.

Beta 7

I am always thinking when the final release of MovableType 4 will come.
This time the Beta 7 is coming and I upgrade my unofficial site on time.
It looks this beta still not solve the problem to support IIS7.
The backend is improved and some new features are implemented.
Now MT4 has 60 known issues. Maybe need more beta version to fix them.
Waiting, waiting, waiting.

MovableType 4 Beta 6

It is so fast the Beta 6 come out. MovableType 4 Unofficial Blog has been upgraded yesterday.
All fine. The steps of upgrade is same as my Beta 5 upgrade.
Just 平生一笑, said the Notifications is missing in the beta version. I have not noticed it.
I just tested it in Beta 6. It is there, by a new name of link, “Share this entry”.
Later he advised me that this is a bug just fixed in Beta 6, which is mentioned in the ChangeLog.
It is true. The first one is:
53480: Restore “Send Notifications” feature
FIXED: The ability to send notifications has been fully implemented on top of the MT4 system.
So when next release, I should go to ChangeLog first.

MT 4 beta5 coming

The MovableType 4 just released beta 5.
So, I upgrade the MovableType 4 Beta Unofficial Blog to beta 5.
Steps as bleow:
1) SSH to Dreamhost.
2) cd
3) wget
4) tar -xvzf MT-4.0-beta5-20070704.tar.gz
5) cd MT-4.0-beta5-20070704
6) cp -r -f ./ ../mtcgi/
Then I can login the backend to see the beta 5.
The database is same. No update of database needed.

MovableType 4 Beta3 out

Just found the post, Beta 3 is out (and there was much rejoicing), on Official Blog.
I will hurry to upgrade my MT 4 Unofficial Blog from Beta 2 to Beta 3.
Based on the Official Blog, three new features are added on it.

* New welcome message for new users – to help new users get started more quickly and more easily then ever before
* A fully customizable dashboard – add and remove widgets that are most useful to you, and developers, build your own widgets to share with friends and the community
* Fully integrated Style Catcher support – easily change the look and feel of you blog (don’t worry, we will have a lot more new and modern themes for MT before we release!

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