We accept direct advertiser.

Advertising with David Yin’s Blog has several alternatives:

Sitewide Link: Your link will be presented as a solid link on every single page of the site. This is great for serious business, costs this package US$35.00 each per month, you can make monthly recurring payments, or a US$350.00 each for a 12-month campaign.

300×250 Banner Sponsorship: The 300×250 banner appears on every page. Pricing is $100 per month or US$500 for 6 months. Only one spot is available. The banner can not be bigger than 100K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.
If you’re interested in securing a 300×250 banner sponsorship.

You can hire me to write some review directly through the email: david@yinfor.com
The price varies with the requirements, say the number of words, the number of links and so on.
The price starts at $50.

Text Link Surprising
Text links are located on one particular page(you choose one) of this blog. Pricing is currently $45 per year per link. Contact us now to secure a link.

Reciprocal Link: Your link will be placed at my Links directory categories free of charge, the only requirement is that you place my link somewhere on your site equivalently.

Links Directory Featured Link: Your link will be placed straightly at the top of the category of Links directory for US$49.99 lifetime. Click here.

Email your ad request to david@yinfor.com and we accept payment through PayPal.

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