In my previous post, I promised I will post details of my NAS system. Therefore, I am going to give the full description of my U-NAS.   Official website: U-NAS Information U-NAS Version Serial Number: 000000000000 U-NAS Model: U-NAS CE System Version: 3.1.1 System Information Host Name: U-NAS HostContinue Reading

When I do the clean up in the storage room, I found a few coax cables. The are all labed as RG59. It is most popular type of cable when you go the the Bestbuy or other electric stores. Actually there are three types of Cable used in the house.Continue Reading

I ordered a set of tools from I don’t have an Amazon Prime account. To save the shipping cost, I have to ask my daughter, Grace to help me to order it. She has a student Prime account. It is a package. Coax Cable Compression Tool Cable Wire StripperContinue Reading