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Upgrade Kindle Touch firmware

Amazon has a new firmware for Kindle Paperwhite.

Update Notice

Prepare firmware file

So, I check the Amazon’s website and download the latest firmware file.

The file name is update_kindle_all_new_paperwhite_5.9.5.bin,216MB

Then, connect the Kindle to my desktop with USB cable. Copy the bin file into the root folder of the Kindle. Eject the Kindle and unplug the USB.


Install the firmware

Touch “Settings”,

Touch “menu dots”

Touch Update your Kindle

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Pontiac SV6 Remote Control fob not working

My Pontiac Remote is more than twelve years old. I replace the battery twice if my memory is not wrong.

How to Replace the Battery in a Pontiac Remote Control

Last month, the remote is not working any more. No matter how hard I press the rubber button.

I also clean the contact parts with rubber. Still not working.

After a few search on eBay and Amazon. The replacement of remote is more than $20. And also it is hard for me to program the key fob.

Later I bought a set of fob from Taobao. Actually it is not a completed set, but just the case and rubber. CNY15 each. I paid CNY 30 for two cases. Convert to Canadian dollor is CA$6.

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Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor

I bought a Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor at The price is RMB 67.90, converting to CAD$13.56. No tax added.

It has a LCD screen. Powered by one AAA battery.

Let’s look at the specification.

Product model: LYWSDCGQ/01ZM
CMIIT ID: 2017DP4004
The product body weight: 36 g
The base weight: 7 g
The screen size: 1.78 inch
The temperature range: -9.9 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Humidity range: 0 ~ 99.9%
Rated power: 0.18 mW
Powered By : Batteries (AAA) x 1

Here are some pictures I took when I open the package and install it.

In the package
In the box


Items in the box

The left upper item is base. There is a sticker at the back. So you can stick it on the wall. The base  is attached with a magnet which can hold sensor  body.

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Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) Pre-Charged

I bought regular Duracell Alkaline battery at Costco. It is AA size. I used it on the clock, radio, remote controller etc. And at the same time, I would like to use the rechargeable battery for other devices. Such as Xbox wireless controller. My son and I play the game very often. The shacking function makes the battery run faster.

So I online ordered the Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (4-Pack) Pre-Charged. Look at the prices.

There are two type of packs. One is 4 batteries, $12.99. The other one is 8 batteries, $26.99.

It doesn’t make sense. I can buy two boxes of 4-pack. The total is $12.99×2 = $25.98. It is cheaper thant the 8-pack.

  • Improved low self discharge
  • Improved high recovery type
  • High Capacity
  • Hundreds of Cycles
  • Excellent Over-discharge Performance
  • Made in Japan
  • Pre-Charged using Solar Energy

Some pictures from site:

When I received the packages, it looks like above. Protected very well.

Amazon’s pic.

This is my picture.

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Replace OBi110 by OBi200

I have a OBi 110 for many years. I used it for my Google Voice and another SIP provider. But last year, the OBi is not working with Google Voice anymore. Even I flashed the firmware. It extended the life a few months.

I have a brand new OBi200. I bought it in June 2017. Cost me  US$47.46 plus tax.

The old OBi110 is much cheaper than before. I paid US$66 in 2012.

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Toner Replacement for Samsung ML-1915

I have a laser printer, Samsung ML-1915. I got it about six years ago. Early January, my daughter found the prints are not clear. I checked it and found the toner is almost gone. I need to buy new toners.

First I did the search on the Internet. Checked the Staples and other stores online, it is so expensive. Over $100 each. I kept looking for the replacement.

At the last, I ordered 2pk toners from Toner4U through Two toners total $33.85, including tax, free shipping. I ordered on Jan 28. Received on Feb 2.

jkML-1915 toner, Front view of the Box


Look at the red sticker. The box shows the model of toner, MLT-D105L.

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Replacing Old Acurite Wireless Weather Station

I have a Acurite Wireless Weather Forecaster since 2013. The outdoor monitor is dead. The reading of temperature  outdoor is 17 celsius degree, but actually it is only 3 celsius degree. I tried to use new battery, reset the device. Nothing works.  Even the indoor data is correct.

OK, I have to get a new one. One day before Christmas, I bought a new device at Costco.

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Last Christmas, I bought an XBOX One S as a Christmas gift for my son and myself. Why is the gift for two? The reason is we play the games together as partners.

My six years old, Gabriel, like Lego Super Heroes game on XBOX 360. The console I bought about five years ago. Maybe six years ago. I am not sure.

I was planning to buy a new game console. First I compared XBOX and PlayStation.  The decision is still XBOX. It is just because of Microsoft backward compatibility policy. Most of the Xbox 360 games can be played on Xbox One. Even on the Xbox One X, which is called Project Scorpio previously. I still want to play the old games again.

List of compatible titles from Xbox 360

The second decision is to choose one from different editions of Xbox.

There are three editions on the market, including the second-hand store.

Xbox / Xbox One S / Xbox One X


After almost half years research and price tracking. At last, I bought the Xbox One S after Microsoft officially release Xbox One X. There are two Costco warehouses nearby. I went there almost every week for grocery. The price is always lower than those at Walmart or Bestbuy.

The Xbox One S 1TB Gears of War 4 Bundle with two controllers + 3 months of Xbox Live.

$429.07 on Oct. 17, 2017

$399.97 on Oct. 24, 2017

I paid $359 plus tax.

Now I am playing assassin’s creed unity. Gabriel is playing Super Heroes 2


Here is a picture of the back of my Xbox One S.

Just ignore the messy wiring.

There is one thing I have not mentioned above. Why do I choose 1TB but not 500MB? In short, 1TB can hold more games. Now the games have HD or 4K quality images. That means even more spaces they need. And I don’t want to delete games when I have no space for the new game.


DD-WRT vs Factory default ROM on D-link DIR-880L

I bought D-Link DIR-880L last year. One of the features of it is DD-WRT compatible.

Three weeks ago, I downloaded the dd-wrt firmware and flashed it on the router.

The version I downloaded is DD-WRT v3.0-r30432 std.

Based on the forum, it said 30432 is the working version for DIR-880L.

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Patriot Spark USB Flash Drive Warranty Replacement

Spark 64GB

My old Spark which I got last summer did not work anymore.  It is always giving the error, such as read only. Write protection. Actually, it has no physical switch of write protection. It has two year warranty.

So, I request for the RMA on June 16. It is approved and asks me to send the broken USB flash drive back to their support department.

The email I received is somehow as below:

How and Where to return your Product(s):

1. A copy of this email confirmation with the RMA number must be included with the package.
2. Product(s) must be securely packaged with the RMA number clearly displayed on the outside of the package.
3. If you have a multiple item set, it is required to send in the complete set to ensure compatibility.
4. Customers are responsible for paying the shipping charges to send the defective product(s) to Patriot Memory.
5. Patriot memory does not require but recommend customers to ship their product(s) with a carrier that provides package tracking and insurance for the price of the product to prevent shipping issues.
6. Patriot Memory is not liable for item(s) lost or damaged during transit.
7. Do Not Send Item in Regular Envelope. Product is prone to be lost in transit.
8. Any returned product(s) without clearly marked RMA number on the outside of the package will be refused and returned back to sender.

Product(s) returned for warranty must be shipped to:

Patriot Memory
Attention: RMA Department
47027 Benicia Street
Fremont, CA 94538 USA

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