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Firefox always show Performing TLS Handshake

During last two weeks, my firefox getting slower and slower. It is Windows 10, with Firefox 67 or early version.

When I enter an HTTPS web site URL into the address bar, it took a lot of time to load the page. Sometimes it is timeout error.

Down in the lower-left corner of the Firefox window, there is a small grey box that tells you what is doing or waiting.

The problem is getting worse. More web sites I was OK to open, now are time out error.

The message on the status bar is “Performing a TLS handshake”.

What’s going on.

Based on my knowledge, TLS handshake is very fast, normally less 1 second. Continue reading

Webfont doesn’t shown in Firefox 22

I have a site which is using web font in css. It looks good in Chrome, IE, etc., except Firefox. It just shew a square with the number, something like F052.

I did a lot of search and it took me about 4 hours, until now I got the solution.
It is only happened on cross domain resource.
It is only happened on Firefox.
It is only happened when using CDN.

When I use Firebug to look at the pipe, the woff web font file is aborted. The url is corrected.

Catalin Rosu gave the solution in this post.

Firefox doesn’t allow cross-domain fonts

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Firefox 17.0 released

Again, Mozilla released the new Firefox 17.0 today. Last time it announced 16.0.2 on Oct 26, 2012. In less than one month, it has new version, big change.

Here is the What is New.

  • First revision of the Social API and support for Facebook Messenger
  • Click-to-play blocklisting implemented to prevent vulnerable plugin versions from running without the user’s permission

There are more information of its releasenotes.

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Hotmail has a bug on Firefox with attachment file name in Chinese

Microsoft Hotmail, or live, or outlook has the bug. It only happens when you received the email with an attachment, which has Chinese file name. And also you are using Firefox to open it.
As shown the screen shot below. the attachment has a Chinese file name with a normal extension name .pps. It is a Powerpoint file.
In Firefox, when I click to download, it pop up an download confirmation window, one underscore is added in the front, another underscore is added in the end of the file name. The extension name is changed to .pps_. Then the default program supposed to open the Powerpoint file can not open this file. I have to manually rename the file and let it run.

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Mozilla release Firefox 16.0

I am always surprised by Firefox version number. It is just from 15.0 to 15.0.1. Now, it is Firefox 16.0.

Look at the complete list of bugs fixed by this new version.

Bug ID Summary

  • 761857 Make MOZ_CRASH() stop debuggers on the line containing it (or MOZ_ASSERT) on Linux, not in abort()
  • 761859 mozalloc_abort() should use MOZ_CRASH(), not roll its own crash behavior
  • 761861 Crash with contentEditable, insertParagraph, forwardDelete
  • 753665 shutdown crash in nsWindow::FindTopLevel
  • 770058 Switching main window between active and inactive doesn’t update the title bar active state if disab…
  • 770063 Intermittent test_sandbox.xul | Check number of loaded content types: application/javascript,text/ht…
  • 761872 content/base/test/test_bug518104.html has race between iframe and parent document script
  • 778263 JavaScript Error: “Error selecting word: [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 …
  • 761882 Hook up the WebIDL parser tests to run during make check
  • 761884 LayoutView is causing an infinite loop by making changes within a MozAfterPaint handler
  • 770079 Reload and Bookmark disappear from menu in Nightly on tablet with And. 4.03


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3 Ways to Manage Your Online Passwords

The experts have loads of advise on how to make your passwords stronger. Most of it is bunk.
To Manage your Online Passwords, you can choose one of the best ways below or mix them.
1) Write them down
Just do it. I would like to say it is OK. You can image:What is the risk of someone being inside your house and getting access to your password, compared to choosing one that could be solved in three guesses by someone on the other side of the world?
2)Perform basic triage
You probably want to do everything you can to protect your online banking code. I am totally agree it, such as the password for your BOA account. “TttMeat9” is probably fine. Combine capital, small case, and number into a minimum 8-digits password.

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