Gallery 3 – G3Grey Theme

G3Grey Theme and required modules for Gallery 3, Gallery the Revival.

What is Gallery 3?

Menalto Gallery 3 Project was a nice, free PHP-based photo gallery engine many years back. It went into hibernation due to a lack of support some years ago but is still being used by a number of sites.

There is an attempt to revive the project led by Brad Dutton here and a discussion forum here.

I start to use Gallery 2 in 2007. Later in 2010, I upgraded it to Gallery 3.

I am still using it on my HomeLab website. Now, it is Gallery the Revival. version 3.1.5.

The theme I was using is GreyDragon Theme, made by Serge D.  He did not update anymore for this theme since he uses Piwigo.

So, I start using GreyDragon as a base to make my own OpenSource G3 Grey Theme.


G3Grey Theme

It is a custom theme.  It is a kind of fork from the GreyDragon theme. I removed all short-open tags first. To make sure it is working with Gallery The Revival 3.1.5. Later I will make more changes to make it modern and updated.

G3Grey Theme for Gallery 3



On the release page, v5.0.0


  • Download and unpack the package into Gallery’s themes folder. Please make sure “g3grey” folder is not duplicated.
  • Login as Admin into your Gallery 3 instance and navigate to Admin\Appearance\Theme Choice
  • Activate G3Grey theme
  • It is advised to visit Admin section of the theme and review provided options at Admin\Appearance\Theme Options

I am also using  Fancybox modules for popup-style image preview.

GitHub Link:

Please post any requests, questions, bugs, or support on the forum.



Thank you!

You can donate to my tea fund for a tea break when I continue my improvement with this project.


List of themes and modules for Gallery 3


G3 Grey Theme 5.0.0 Link


G3Grey Share 2.0 Link

Fancybox 2.0 Link

External 2.0 Link

Developing plan

  • Make it work with Gallery the Revival. Done
  • Double-check the functions.
  •  JS to the latest version
  • CSS to the latest version
  • Add more color pack