Install Gallery

Do you want your own Web Gallery, or Web Photo Albums. Check Gallery. It is a Open Source program
I use a one-click-installation feature of DreamHost to install this service for my Grace’s site. The album is private site, no more public view.
Why I choose this photo album organizer?
You know I setup a Blog for my Grace powered by WordPress. It has a Gallery plugin can connect this Gallery with WordPress.
The features of WPG2 shown as below:
* Gallery 2 Images, Videos, Albums (displays the Album Highlight Image) can be displayed in Blog Entries
* Random, Recent, Daily, Weekly, Popular Images, Albums can be displayed as image blocks in the WordPress Sidebar
* Management of Gallery2 users, secured by WordPress User Roles and Capabilities
* Automatic logging in of WordPress Users into Gallery2
* Displaying Gallery2 Output within a WordPress Page
It looks powerful.
I upload the photos on her own Album location.
She login the WordPress, pickup a photo, and write something about it.
It is easy for her and for us.

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