In my previous post, I promised I will post details of my NAS system. Therefore, I am going to give the full description of my U-NAS.   Official website: U-NAS Information U-NAS Version Serial Number: 000000000000 U-NAS Model: U-NAS CE System Version: 3.1.1 System Information Host Name: U-NAS HostContinue Reading

There are certain PHP configuration tat affect security features.  The following recommended security configuration options is for production servers. register_globals set to off safe_mode set to off error_reporting set to off disable these functions: system(), exec(), passthru(), shell_exec(), proc_open(), and popen() open_basedir set for both the /tmp directory and theContinue Reading

Yesterday, when I sign in one of my VPS webmin control panel, it displayed an upgrade button. Look at the folowwing screen shot and just click the button underneath, Upgrade Webmin Now. It is a update with new features and bug fixes. Worth to upgrade. Then, I click Upgrade WebminContinue Reading

LILO (Linux Loader) and GRUB (GRand Unified Bootloader) are both configured as a primary boot loader (installed on the MBR) or secondary boot loader (installed onto a bootable partition). First question, what is a boot loader. The simple answer: a boot loader loads the operating system. When your machine loadsContinue Reading

The task is to delete files from the folder and sub-folders, maybe sub-sub-folder. Say I want to delete .htaccess from every folder, but keep all others no-touch. It is hard to go into each folder and delete the file. It takes time and also very easy to miss some folders.Continue Reading