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End of Life of Dreamhost Personal Backup

Got an email from Dreamhost this morning. It announced that Dreamhost Personal Backup is retired. The last day of access of the data on my backup account is 2015-7-24. I was using Dreamhost Personal Backup to backup my website database and sites periodically.  The free capacity is 50GB. It was a wonderful place to do

Get your hosting plan and save $50

Dreamhost is one of the best hosting service providers. I use it for more than 6 years. Dreamhost is my first choice for hosting. Here is the DreamHost Promo Code “G2SAVING“. You can save $50 if you enter this promo code on signup yearly. Dreamhost hosting has following features: Unlimited Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Full

Pro and Con of Dreamhost

I am using Dreamhost for more than 7 years. It is not perfect, but trustful. There are some Pro and Con lists. It is my list below. Pro Clearity: DreamHost status tells what happen on their network, server, services. Dreamhost newsletters provide a overall information update every month. Support Knowledge Wiki, easy to find the

A type of Hacker on WordPress

During past week, I saw two shell accounts are hacked. Both are on Dreamhost. One of it is reported by Google Webmaster Tools. It said there are some malicious code found. The other one is found, because that the memory usage is increased too fast, but no increase on PV. I checked the account and

How to upgrade phpBB on 1and1

In the end of last year, I helped a charity society upgrade their forum from phpBB2 to phpBB 3. They host their web site and phpBB forum on 1and1 Business hosting plan. I did have much experience on upgrading, updating phpBB etc. The procedures of upgrade from phpBB 2 to phpBB 3 are posted here,