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Traffic Reports

It is already twelve days past. I started a new campaign since March 20. Here is an update of it.

From 2019.03.20 to 2019.3.30

Compared with the previous year.


Traffic from 2019.3.20 to 2019.3.30

  • Users: 39.76% increase
  • New Users: 39.46% increase
  • Sessions: 45.73% increase
  • Pageviews: 77.61% increase
  • Bounce Rate: 8.54% decrease.

These changes are in a good direction. I am happy about it.

Based on the Awstats report.

During the same period.

Average Visits is 576,  105% increase.

Average pages is 2379,  165% increase.

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New Campaign for my Blog

It is a new year, 2019. Almost passed the first quarter.

I would like to increase Blog traffic in 2019. So, It is a new two weeks campaign.

There are certain things I will do on my blog.

  • Clean the old post.
  • Fix or remove the broken links.
  • Blog UI re-design or change.
  • Improve the web page load speed.
  • Fix the featured image of each post.
  • Make more post on my Blog.
  • Promote the Blog on Search Engine.
  • Promote the Blog on Social Media Site.
  • Connection with other blog and/or web sites.
  • On-site optimization.

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Increase Blog Traffic 2014

There are so many tips to help blogger to increase blog traffic. Here is my list for 2014.


  • Make my blog content SEO-Friendly.
  • Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Add Graphics, photos and illustrations.
  • Frequently modify or improve my own posts.
  • Enable Subscriptions.
  • Welcome user comments.
  • Participate Q&A sites, including Yahoo Answer,, Quora, StackExchange, etc.
  • Publish posts regularly.
  • publish posts often


Double my blog traffic in two weeks

I did a lot of research on Google, and try to find the way to double the web traffic of this blog.

First post I read has 4 tips to double the traffic.

1) Mapping of meta tag

Find top 10 pages from Google Analytics backend. Improve meta description and remove meta keywords.

2) On page optimization

Choose one keyword for each of top 10 pages and improve the  on page optimization.

3) Guest blogging

Do guest blogging on relevant industrial blogs.

4) Submit Sitemap/ RSS feed to Webmaster Tools

Add sitemap and rss feed in Google Webmaster center.

vi published on May 24th, 2012

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Day 10 to Day 14 – Two Week Campaign

It is later to post the updates of the optimization campaign.
The works I did in these days is very important and very basic. It is boring and time-consuming. There is no shortcut.

I spend hours to check the broken links on my site here.
Based on the program which is follow the href links in html files, over 400 broken links found. There are different situations.

  • Sites are shutdown. Links to them are removed.
  • Domain name of site is changed, 301 redirect implemented. Links to them are updated.
  • Structures of sites are changed, content is moved to other URL. Links to them are updated.

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Day 8 and Day 9 – Two Week Campaign

There a more than one thousand post on my Blog. I am continuing review these posts and do whatever modification needed.
During Day 8 and Day 9, I reviewed about 500 posts. Added content, fixed typos, change the sequence of paragraph, etc.
It is a boring job. It took most of my time.
When I do it, I played the song on computer. Like this my favorite one.
Hey Jude

Day 7- Two Week Campaign

It is the last day of first week. Day 7.
I reviewed the latest fifty posts and make addition or modification on some posts.
The main target of it is to make the first paragraph has more valuable content. It is a tough work, time consuming work. But it worth.
The second purpose of it is to make the first paragraph longer enough. Then the Google Ads shown beside will not cover pictures or not big blank space.
I am also add shadow and border line on pictures inside of the post. A lot of pictures are white background. When the margin is not that bigger, the pictures and text content are not clearly separated. Now 10px shadow and 1px border are added. The format is looks better.

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Day 6 – Two Week Campaign

To make the site clean and faster loading, I remove one piece advertising script.
The ads removed is provided by Kontera, I used it for many years. It is a content link ads. It mimics text link. When mouse move over it, a small float layer display a small box with ads. About five to ten Kontera links are added on each of my post. Now I took it away. The page looks less links on it.
The second change I made is to move Google Ads from the middle center of the post content to the right up inline of the post. Personally, I feel better look. And more content will be shown above the fold.
After the above two changes, the Fully Loaded time is reduced about 25% on first view.

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Day 4 and Day 5 – Two Week Campaign

Weekend, it is time for rest, but I am still keep my two week campaign moving on.
Remove some old code from monthly archives. These code make the page shown very slow.
Follow twelve people on twitter each day.
Make a new kind archive template. It generate the last 10 post each category. Then I can pick one or two categories and shown them on home page. Right now I add Hardware, Software and Internet on home page. These three are most active categories.

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