Double my blog traffic in two weeks

I did a lot of research on Google, and try to find the way to double the web traffic of this blog.

First post I read has 4 tips to double the traffic.

1) Mapping of meta tag

Find top 10 pages from Google Analytics backend. Improve meta description and remove meta keywords.

2) On page optimization

Choose one keyword for each of top 10 pages and improve the  on page optimization.

3) Guest blogging

Do guest blogging on relevant industrial blogs.

4) Submit Sitemap/ RSS feed to Webmaster Tools

Add sitemap and rss feed in Google Webmaster center.

vi published on May 24th, 2012

Second, I read a post with 5 steps to double the web traffic which is posted on October 22, 2013

Step 1, Create tweets from your posts

Published one post, then create tweets, with eye-catchy headlines, that share snippets of information from the post. Include a link to the content and then publish the tweets.

Step 2, Comment on top blogs in your niche

Leave the comment with value added for readers of the blog. If you have a post related it, add the link in the end of the comment.

Step 3, Create blog posts regularly and often

Post regularly, means at least once a week.

Step 4, Get know by guest posting on reputable sites

Step 5, Spread your content with article marketing

Submit post to article directories.


The last post is for doubleing the traffic in six months.

1. Produce More Content

2. Produce More Content for 6 Months or More

3. Make Sure the Content is Good

4. Write for People…Not Search Engines

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