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Custom Presentations For Businesses


In the business world, a presentation can either make or break a deal. These days, there are advanced programs that could be used to create highly effective visual presentations for any type of professional audience. For example, powerpoint is a popular type of software that is used by business people worldwide. There are plenty of useful features in this program that allow for clear and concise display of information and other content.

Some businesses have not mastered all of the features of the latest powerpoint software. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with such a useful program. The latest updates can be downloaded directly from the publisher of presentation software. Additionally, new user guides can also be acquired in order to master additions and other innovative features.

There are companies that actually specialize in creating custom slideshow presentations for other businesses. Such services are ideal for busy professionals that don’t have much time to organize content into an effective visual presentation. Many business professionals are simply focused on the material that is to be displayed rather than the aesthetic aspects of display. However, a professional audience needs to clearly see information in a format that is easy to understand. For example, colorful graphs and charts are much better to analyze rather than black and white types.

Companies that offer slideshow presentation services may have their own websites with a click here section that shows a full lists of all the different options available for clients to explore.

Replace the battery to extend the life of iPod Touch 3rd Generation

I have a iPod touch since 2010. It is 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch. It works all my apps I have. The speed is fine. The only problem is the battery life. I can only use it for 20 minutes, then it needs charge.

After googleing and researching, I found it is not hard to replace the battery to extend the life of iPod touch.

I ordered a replacement battery from DX.COM. This online store has a lot of small stuff which is hard to find in local market. And the price is low. Quality is OK, if you are lucky. But the shipment is slow, or very slower. This time, I wait more than one month to get it.

This is the one I received this morning.


$5.30 only.

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The way to Root my LG Optimus One P500h and LG Shine Plus C710h

It took me about 4 hours to get it rooted. The reason why I have to root LG Optimus One is that the apps came with the phone always remind me the updates. But, there is no enough internal storage room for them. I can not even delete them. To disable or delete the apps, I have to do the Root first.

OK, above is the background. Now I put the helpful records for reference, some one may need it.
It is LG Optimus One P500h. With Telus.

The tool is Super One Click 2.3.3. Download here.

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How to choose the right channel for your WIFI

There are a lot of things may affect the connection speed of you WIFI. The connection speed between router or AP to your PC or laptop.

One of the most important fact is the channel.

For 2.4GHz, there are 13 channel. 20MHz each channel
1 : 2412MHz
2 : 2417MHz
3 : 2422MHz
4 : 2427MHz
5 : 2432MHz
6 : 2437MHz
7 : 2442MHz
8 : 2447MHz
9 : 2452MHz
10 : 2457MHz
11 : 2462MHz
12 : 2467MHz
13 : 2472MHz
14 : 2477MHz

If choose channel 3, it will cover from 2412MHz to 2432MHz.

One of the best tools to find the right channel is inSSider.

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Geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems

When a new construction project in design stage, a lot of reports are needed. Geophysical report is one of them. The tools to gether data and do the analycis are more important than others. Good tools give you better results.

The resistivity method refers to a form of data harvesting that utilizes a box affixed with electrodes and a specialized computer program. The program and electrodes can be set up to correspond to a variety of applications, including ground surveys and soil testing. In addition to analysis of the earth, resistivity instruments are also used to collect data about bodies of water. The state of ground water is especially important, because most of our fresh drinking water is siphoned from underground springs. Scientists can more accurately evaluate changes in the soil and water levels with instruments like these. The MiniSting is an example of a small resistivity meter that is excellent for use in smaller projects that don’t require a great deal of manpower for excavation. Archaeologists will likely need something more substantial for larger projects, but for contained areas, the MiniSting is excellent. Resistivity meters are far from cheap. They are very sophisticated devices that have been designed with precision, and they’re built to last for years. The result is an instrument that is quite an investment, but it’s worthwhile in the long run. If you’re a professional who must do regular work involving the earth and it’s subterranean levels, this device will make everything much easier. The MiniString is actually cheaper than other models, and so it’s a better choice for independent scientists and workers who’ll be using it for simple projects. Meters like this come with a rechargeable battery, as the instrument uses a great deal of energy.

Backupify -TweetBackup service retired

I am using Backupify to backup my tweets. Now it announced that this service is discontinued.

Your TweetBackup account will continue to back up for the next 30 days, until June 13th. Access to the service, and your data, will be disabled on June 28th. You will have the full 45 days to export any data. Please visit our Tweetbackup service shutdown FAQs answers to common questions, or you can also contact support directly with your questions.

Actually, when Twitter provide Twiter Archive service, it is not necessary to use the third-party backup service.

It is easy to do it.

  • Sign in
  • Click Settings
  • Under Account tab, scroll to the bottom, click the button beside the Your Twitter archive.
  • Then you will receive an email with the archive download link.

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Make a bootable USB disk to flash MB BIOS

Sometimes I need to flash the mother-board BIOS from DOS. Actually now I have not tools can boot the PC to DOS. There is no floppy disk driver on it. I can only make a DOS bootable USB disk to do the job.

So I have the USB disk on hand. It is 2GB, the smallest capacity one I have.

The method to make a bootable USB disk is a little bit different from the one I blogged 6 years ago.


1) Download flash tools – HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (Please google it and find the download link by yourself)

2) Download DOS package , named Win98 boot. (Also try to google it)

3) Decompress these two file.

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Ubuntu tool – Ubuntu Tweak

I use Ubuntu on my Netbook, Acer Aspire One. It has only 8 GB SSD as storage.
The disk space is always tight there. That is why I install Lubuntu on it. Light and quick respond.

After a few months use and a few times update. The free space is even tight. I have to do something.

OK, I would like to introduce this ubuntu tool, Ubuntu Tweak. It has a built-in function, Janitor.


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