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Go Back to the Basics for a Successful Business

When it comes to running a business, it is easy to get so caught up in production that you forget to rely on the basics to get you through. Delegation, respect, and asking for help sounds simple, but it can be hard to do when you are focused on everything that goes into a successful business. Use the following tips to get yourself back on track.

Delegate for Efficiency

It can be extremely tempting to try to do it all yourself. You may feel that if you ask others to handle certain jobs, they won’t complete them to your satisfaction. This results in you having the mindset that it is better to do it yourself. This attitude will waste your time and energy. Pass jobs along to your employees that aren’t vital for you to do. Once you get used to letting go of the smaller tasks, you will have more time to focus on more important matters. Continue reading

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free

Wow, it is another time to introduce a mac data recovery software, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Free 11.8.

No matter what kind of computer you use, even Mac, you may have a chance to lose your data one time. Just one time, you may lose your best photos with your family or your important homework assignment.

When it happens, do remember to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

How to Recover your lost files?

Step 1:  Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Download and install the program, then launch it on your Mac.

Step 2: Choose the disk/partition where your lost data, click SCAN to start.

Step 3: Preview, recover and save files.

That is it. As simple as three steps.

There are some outstanding features I would like to mention below:

  • Recover Mac Files, including 200 File formats supported
  • Recover any devices connected to your Mac, from HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD Card to iPod, MP3 player etc.
  • Recover lost files even the partition is hidden or inaccessible.
  • Recover lost files from the failed Mac, by using bootable media


There are some limitation on this Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac.

  • The amount of data you can recover is Maximum 2GB
  • No free lifetime upgrade, no free lifetime technical support.

If your lost data is not that much, try the Free version.  Otherwise, you can buy the Pro version to get rid of the limitation. You can save as many as you want.


Its Windows sibling can be reached at recovery software download.

How to remove background noise from audio and video

Many times people shoot videos or record any audio and you shot a perfect video or any audio, everything exactly as planned whether you are making a family video, street interview, etc they all will have background annoying noise like wind, birds chirping, traffic noise, random noise, etc. which destroys the entire video.

Whether its minor noise or major noise that destroys the video, you want to remove it from the video. Now the question arises that how to remove that background noise? So you start finding it out on internet and you get so many ways, that you get confused what to do.

I can make it easy for you. First you should know that there are two types of noise i.e. first is a noise that is constant, clear and predictable and of a particular thing. And second is a noise mixture of various things like wind, traffic, birds chirping, people talking, etc. First noise is also called White noise. It is easy to remove and other is little harder to remove, but can be removed.

So to remove such kind of noise there are various options called as software available in the market. And the best option is Movavi Video Editor. It is the best among all software available in the market. It can help to remove background noise from video without any hassle.

For that easiness of removing background noise without disturbing the original audio of the recorded video, you need to download the software i.e. Movavi Video Editor. To download and remove the background noise just follow the below mentioned steps:

Install the Movavi Video Editor

Firstly you have to download and install the Movavi Video Editor. Then launch it and follow the instruction given in the program.

Upload media files

After uploading and launching the software you need to add video files to the editing area of the program. For adding files, you need to click on ADD MEDIA FILES button and select the file which you want to edit. The video will be added to video track and audio will be added to audio track in the timeline automatically.

Remove background noise

So after adding the video to the program, you need to access the audio denoise function so for that just double click on the file in the timeline and then select AUDIO in the TOOLS menu, then click on NOISE REMOVAL button. Then you have to adjust the NOISE SUPPRESSION SLIDER to remove that amount of noise and then click on Apply button, so that the software can remove the noise. You must try different values in suppression slider so that you get the best result.

Export the result

Now after removing the background noise and fixing everything, you have to save the fixed up file. For saving the file you have to click on EXPORT button and choose the format from – MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, etc. in which you want to save. So when you are ready to save just click on START button.


So now removing background noise is not a headache anymore for any person, just download the Movavi Video Editor and enjoy your video without any annoying noise.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

I would like to introduce a data recovery software from EaseUS. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Save your data from the deleted files, deleted folders, formatted drive, or crupted system from the Desktop, Laptop, or the portable drive, such as SD card, MicroSD card.

The installation file for Windows is about 22MB.  The whole procedure is as simple as four steps.

  1. Download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 11.6. Install it on the drive which is not you want to recover the data
  2. From the desktop or where you installed, launch the program
  3. After choosing the device, you can scan the drive, maybe deep scanning, then find the missing file
  4. Recover it to the new location

That’s it. As simple as a few clicks.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports different file system, including FAT, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2, ext3, HFS+. It can be installed on different operation system, from Windows 10 to XP, Windows Server, or Mac OS.



It can recover the data from local C drive on the PC, from USB drive, from SD card, or other digital devices.

The first look of the program. When I plug in a USB drive, it recognized it. When I plug in an SD card, which Windows treated as unformatted, is recognized.


The deleted files in my Kingston USB drive.

I recovered a file successfully. The free version has 500M limit.

The what so called unformatted SD card. It can scan the SD card and find as many as files from lost partition. So amazing.


It is best  memory card recovery  software. I will highly recommend it to everyone. The 2GB limit for the free version. $69.95 for an unlimited amount of data you can recover. Even one photo file in a memory card from your camera is more valuable than the price.

Partition Master Free – Modify your Partition for Free

EaseUS has a free disk partition software. The product name is Partition Master Free. The latest version 10.8 for Windows, from XP (retired system) to Windows 10. It is also has different language version, which support English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Português, Polski and 日本語.

Actually it is made by a Chinese online software company.

I has ten Key features.

  1. Resize/Move partitions without data loss, like extending NTFS system partition without reboot to maximize PC performance.
  2. Convert FAT to NTFS file system
  3. Partition Recovery Wizard allows to recover deleted or lost partitions from unallocated space.
  4. Convert MBR to GPT disk and convert GPT to MBR disk without data loss.
  5. Support up to 8TB  GPT disk.
  6. Saftely merge two adjacent partitions into a bigger one without data loss.
  7. Copy entire hard disk to another  without Windows reinstallation.
  8. Convert primary partition to logical partition and vice versa
  9. Wipe disk or wipe partition to permanently wipe sensitive data on disk.
  10. Support all hardware RAID, removable storage device, hard disk, GPT disk and FAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3 file system.

I make the features I like to bolder.


Here is the simply steps of installation.


Goto above official web site to download the installation file.

The installation file name is epm.exe, about 28MB.

Then double click to run it.

During the installation, it may ask a few recommendation software, including PC Mechanic, EaseUS Todo Backup Free, etc.



If you don’t like them, you can uncheck the check mark or choose Custom installation. Then it will only install the Partition software.

On the very first screen of installation, it show you the difference of Free edition and Pro edition.


If you are interested in these additional features, you can try Pro edition.

I just wondering why EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition need to add a startup item, EaseUS EOM tray and EaseUS EPM Tray Agent,  into the system. I hate these unnecessary startup program. So I disabled it.

Here is the main screen of the program, when I run the program first time.


I tried some operation on my USB disk, which is NTFS file system format.

Such as Resize partition / Delete partition / Wipe partition / Create  partition.  No issue found.

If you need a free Partition software, I would like to recommend it.

LG IPS 24MP56HQ Monitor

I bought a new monitor at Costco. LG IPS monitor MP56.

The specifications:

  • Screen Size  23.8″
  • Panel Type AH-IPS
  • Color Depth 16.7M colors
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Screen resolution 1920X1080
  • Brightness 250cd/m2
  • Response Time 5ms
  • Contrast Ratio- DFC  5M:1
  • Viewing Angle 178
  • Surface Treatment Anti-Glare, 3H

Two Inputs: D-Sub and HDMI



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Software for Efficiency


Consumers haven’t been buying like they used to so any company needs to have superior customer service to entice clients. Having an enterprise software system (ERP) that integrates essential components of how any business is run will transfer over into positive customer service relations. An efficient ERP system will offer customers almost immediate feedback about product information, shipping and warranty information and bottom line item pricing. These are some of the customer service options that will showcase your company efficiency to the customer and may be the difference between a sale or not. Your company’s reputation will be solidified and your reputation will grow as the software tracks customer satisfaction at all steps of the purchasing process.

To attain ERP software that accomplishes the aforementioned goals, you have to find a customer service friendly company that treats its customers as friendly as its software promises for its buyers’ customers. Offering online tutorials for its products is an excellent beginning to a long client relationship. Although the tutorials are a positive step, the software company can’t leave out the human element. Customer service representatives have to be on duty for personal attention.

Streamlined internal business operations are fully coordinated with outstanding customer service in a software program produced by Technology Group International (TGI LTD).

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Upgrade to PostTwiOauth 0.47

I start to use PostTwiOauth to make a tweet when I have a new post here from May 2010. The latest update I did is almost two years ago. See how to upgrade to PostTwiOAuth 0.46

Recently I found it is not working any more. I make a new post, but there is no tweet about it on my twitter timeline. So I go to the author’s web site and found the update. PostTwiOauth 0.47

I have to upgrade to new version of PostTwiOauth, because Twitter API is upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1 on March 5, 2013.  The old PostTwiOauth 0.46 is supoort Twitter API 1.0.

Twitter API 1.1 is not compatiable with 1.0.
Then, I make the upgrade to new version.

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Zoho gives Small Business a CRM

Maybe, I said maybe, Zoho CRM is the best CRM solution for different size of business. From one-man company to a 100 person business.

The price plan is also flexable.

  • Free for three users.
  • Standard: $12/user/month
  • Professional: $20/user/month
  • Enterprise: $35/user/month

Features are also added by different level above.

  • Free:
    • Lead management
    • Accounts & Contacts
    • Sales Opportunities
    • Social CRM
    • Web Forms
    • Developer API
    • Mobile Access
    • 5000 records
  • Standard: (Free Edition FeaturesPLUS following)
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Reports & Dashboards
    • Document Library
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Email Marketing
    • Product Customization
    • 100,000 records
  • Professional: (Standard Edition FeaturesPLUSfollowing)
    • Email Integration
    • Customer Support
    • Inventory Management
    • Workflow Automation
    • Role-based Security
    • Mail Merge
    • Unlimited records
  • Enterprise: (Professional Edition FeaturesPLUSfollowing)
    • Advanced Security Controls
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Web Tabs
    • Call Center Connectors
    • Custom Related Lists
    • Time-based Actions
    • Help Desk Integration

If someone is looking for the CRM software, I recommand Zoho Small Business CRM, Start from the Free edition. It is a pay as you go service. Just pay monthly and if needed, upgrade or downgrade can be done anytime.

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