Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help you completely change the way you run your business, cutting costs and providing more flexibility. Migrating to a VoIP phone system may seem daunting, but it’s a pretty straightforward process. 1. Evaluate Your Migration Needs Why do you want to migrate to aContinue Reading

Information technology has seen a major development in this decade that has created more innovative products to make communication faster and cheaper than we expect. Internet telephony or the (VOIP) voice over internet protocol is one of the major development that has made voice transmission more clear, fast and cheaper.Continue Reading

When use VOIP service with a VOIP adapter, you have to choose the codec. The codec is very important. Unsuitable codec will make your call intermittently. Codecs are settings used to fine-tune the audio compression of your VoIP devices. Different codec needs different bandwidth. The following protocol header assumptions areContinue Reading