China is not Free any more

I use Voipstunt over 9 months. Always feel good for its service.
One issue makeing me not happy is it changed country list of free call without email the notice to user.
Ok. I check the call history. Phone calls to China are charged 0.7 cent per minute. USA is still free.
I may change to other service provider, when both USA and China are not free.

So, it is time to do some research to find a second choice for backup.
Currently, Voipstunt has an un-expired credit plan.
Keep calling every day untill all free calls are not available.


  1. To 与晶之恋:
    I have an account by payment. Sorry, I can not share it.

  2. 可以选择的不多也~~~你知道的能分享吗?最近和女友打电话快透支了!

  3. Now whats the best choice to call China for free?
    And do you know any service have T.38 FAX over IP Free service as well?
    Wang Hua
    +86 13216144789

  4. 中国人用这个东西人很多应该,不免费就没多少人用了,毕竟可选择的产品很多。

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