There are facts of Burnaby Douglas Riding. Language: English: 50,820 French: 970 Non-official Languages: 57,125 Citizenship: Immigrants: 52,475 Non Citizen: 12,740 It is not clear who will win in this riding. NDP or Con? Bill Siksay or Ronald Leung? It is 21:30 PST now. Bill Siksay to Ronald Leung isContinue Reading

I will vote this afternoon for Canada. It is Burnaby – Douglas. Let me see the riding profile. This is an urban riding, located east of Vancouver on the southern shore of Burrard Inlet. It contains that part of Burnaby bounded in the east, north and west by the cityContinue Reading

I made over 400 posts from October 2004. Some posts are very hot. A lot of people found them by Search Engine. Specially from Google. I put a link on one post, Philips Universal Remote Control. This article is the hotest one. I give the universal way to programming yourContinue Reading