Last week, I received a letter from Covenant House, signed by Sister Nancy Brown. It is a Charity organization.
When I was reading the letter, I feel bad about Kaylee. She is a homeless kid. Ran away when 16.
I make a donation to Covenant House for Street Youth.
You know, youth is the future of our country. We have to protect them. Raise them and Make them valuable to the society.
Here are some Statics of Street Youth in Vancouver

A Profile of Vancouver’s Street Youth
Compiled by Covenant House from On the Streets, Youth in Vancouver
prepared by Bill McCarthy for the BC Ministry of Social Services Global Information
* over 10,500 (now 15,000) runaways reported in BC annually
* 500-1000 youth on the streets on any given night through out the year
Family Backgrounds
* 70% of youth reported abusive family situations
* 30% of youth reported what we would consider normal family situations
Geographic Origins of Vancouver’s Street Youth
* 37% are from the Greater Vancouver region
* 25% are from elsewhere in BC
* 38% are from elsewhere in Canada
* 58% of Vancouver’s street youth are male
* 42% of Vancouver’s street youth are female
Do not wait. Do something.
Covenant House Vancouver Web site.
Online Donation now

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