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How to check the disk usage of your VPS

The df utility displays the disk space usage on all mounted filesystem. The -T option prints the filesystem type as well. By default, df measures the size in 1K blocks, which could be a little difficult for a desktop user to decipher. Use the -h option to get the more understandable output: The VPS system

Move to Linode Server

When you saw this post, it means the blog is moved to a new server at Linode. New server is a little bit better than the old one at DigitalOcean. Here is how old server looks like: Operating system     Ubuntu Linux 14.04.4 Kernel and CPU     Linux 3.13.0-88-generic on x86_64 Processor information     Intel(R)

A new VPS service provider – Vultr

I  just ordered a new VPS from Vultr.com. It has All SSD. Maybe the lowest price per memory. Pay $0.007/hr, you get 768MB RAM, 3GHz CPU and 15GB storage. It is about $5/month. And more datacenters than other VPS service providers. There are 14 locations worldwide, right now. I did following test though Benchmark Serverbear.

Linode annouced $10 Plan

It is the first time Linode announced $10 plan in the past 11 years. They call it Linode 1G Linode 1G – a $10/mo ($.015/hr) entry into our Linode plan lineup. This new Linode runs on the same 40 Gbps network, SSDs, and processing power as our larger plans. Likewise, inbound traffic is free and restricted

Upgrade Awstats to 7.3

I am using Advanced Web Statistics(Awstats) for many years. I haven’t upgrade my installation for a long time. Last time, I upgrade my Awstats to 7.1, is almost two years ago. Now it is 7.3. Let’s have a look at the changes since Awstats 7.1   ***** 7.3 ***** New features: - Add command line

Linodes New SSD VPS performance test

Yes, I just upgraded my VPS from old plan to new platform. Actually my old VPS at Linode is SSD cached system. They called it SSD Beta. I used it from last September.  I did a performance test at that time. SSD Cached Linode UnixBench UnixBench (w/ all processors) 2086.0 UnixBench (w/ one processor) 324.3