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Webmin update to 1.64

Yesterday, when I sign in one of my VPS webmin control panel, it displayed an upgrade button. Look at the folowwing screen shot and just click the button underneath, Upgrade Webmin Now. It is a update with new features and bug fixes. Worth to upgrade. Then, I click Upgrade Webmin Now button to upgade Webmin

Got Linode as VPS

I used Dreamhost VPS before, used Burst.net VPS. Now I am going to introduce Linode VPS service. Linode provides XEN VPS only. It upgraded VPS service to the new generation. Let me summery it then you know how better it is.Storage increased by 20%: Linode 512 goes from 20GB to 24GB Linode 1GB goes from

Cancel Swvps service

Because of the service is not stable any more, to protect my sites and save the traffic, I have to move all my sites from Swvps to other VPS. I said, I give up it. So I submit the cancellation request ticket to Swvps. Ask for canceling my VPS at the end of billing cycle.

I give up SWVPS

No more words, I give up SWVPS, which I used for two years. The VPS down lasting 3 days. Five tickets, can not solve the problem as quickly as I imaged. At last, I can use it, but the resource is not stable. I think the support has problem on them. They tried rebuild VPS,