I used Dreamhost VPS before, used Burst.net VPS. Now I am going to introduce Linode VPS service.
Linode provides XEN VPS only. It upgraded VPS service to the new generation. Let me summery it then you know how better it is.
Storage increased by 20%:

  • Linode 512 goes from 20GB to 24GB
  • Linode 1GB goes from 40GB to 48GB
  • Linode 2GB goes from 80GB to 96GB
  • Linode 4GB goes from 160GB to 192GB
  • Linode 8GB goes from 320GB to 384GB
  • Linode 12GB goes from 480GB to 576GB
  • Linode 20GB goes from 800GB to 960GB

Linode NextGen: The Network X10

  • Linode 512 upgraded from 200GB to 2000GB (2TB)
  • Linode 1G upgraded from 400GB to 4000GB (4TB)
  • Linode 2G upgraded from 800GB to 8000GB (8TB)
  • Linode 4G upgraded from 1600GB to 16000GB (16TB)
  • Linode 8G upgraded from 2000GB to 20000GB (20TB)

Linode NextGen: The Hardware

  • Powering our NextGen hosts are two Intel Sandy Bridge E5-2670 processors. The E5-2670 is at the high end of the power-price-performance ratio.   Each E5-2670 enjoys 20 MB of cache and has 8 cores running at 2.6 Ghz.

Linode NextGen: RAM Upgrade

Doubling the RAM on all of plans. So 512MB is 1GB now. 5 Cents per month increase.

Here is the list of latest features and price of the Linode VPS.

Linode 1G1 GB24 GB2 TB8 cores (1x priority)$20 / mo
Linode 2G2 GB48 GB4 TB8 cores (2x priority)$40 / mo
Linode 4G4 GB96 GB8 TB8 cores (4x priority)$80 / mo
Linode 8G8 GB192 GB16 TB8 cores (8x priority)$160 / mo
Linode 16G16 GB384 GB20 TB8 cores (16x priority)$320 / mo
Linode 24G24 GB576 GB20 TB8 cores (24x priority)$480 / mo
Linode 32G32 GB768 GB20 TB8 cores (32x priority)$640 / mo
Linode 40G40 GB960 GB20 TB8 cores (40x priority)$800 / mo

Official Site: www.linode.com

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