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Nginx Redirect HTTP to HTTPS and non-WWW to WWW

Here is my solution to do the redirection. Say, I have a web site. I host it with SSL. I want all these three type of host go to the same Unique Internet Address. From: To: There are some requirement: Nginx v1.8 SSL Certificate is issued for both and

5 Twitter Tips for Newbies in 2014

Twitter is one of the best, if not the only best, social networking web site. Covering most countries in the world. As a newbie on Twitter, what is the basic tips? I have my Five tips for newbies in 2014. 1) Complete your Profile Of course, you should have a twitter account. If you don’t

Get more Audience from Social Media

It is a hard task for a newbie, to get more audience from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Stack Overflow, etc. From my point of view, More audience from Facebook, means more Likes on Facebook Page. Otherwise, you need a lot of fans/friends on your Facebook account. To get more likes or share on

Top Five Web Design Rules

There are many versions of Web Design Rules. They are from different point of views. But, I have my own version. The purpose of my Top Five Web Design Rules is to maximize Web Site usability. Easy to read Think about the audience, they using variety computers, monitors, Internet connections. They may have difficult to

New setcion: SEO & SEM

There is one new section: SEO and SEM, added here. As I focused on the Web site optimization and marketing. The traditional name of this technology is Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing. The more you know how to do the SEO and SEM, the more chance you can make your web site better.

8 steps to Promote website

Before you venture into the world of search engine promotion, make a plan of action. 1) Choose your keywords 2) Design your site 3) Optimize your site 4) Get your site listed 5) Wait 6) Analyze your traffic and ranking trends 7) Further Optimize your site 8) Go back to step 5. (Excerpted from Article