There are many versions of Web Design Rules. They are from different point of views. But, I have my own version. The purpose of my Top Five Web Design Rules is to maximize Web Site usability. Easy to read Think about the audience, they using variety computers, monitors, Internet connections.Continue Reading

There is one new section: SEO and SEM, added here. As I focused on the Web site optimization and marketing. The traditional name of this technology is Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing. The more you know how to do the SEO and SEM, the more chance you canContinue Reading

Before you venture into the world of search engine promotion, make a plan of action. 1) Choose your keywords 2) Design your site 3) Optimize your site 4) Get your site listed 5) Wait 6) Analyze your traffic and ranking trends 7) Further Optimize your site 8) Go back toContinue Reading