Every website should be added to Google Search Console by its owner. It is the best way to expose the web pages to Google Search Index.

How to add a website property to Search Console?

Follow the link above to find the official guide to add your website property to Google Search Console.

A property is the term for a discrete thing you can examine or manage in Search Console.

From the overview page, I can see the general performance of my site in Google Search.

Performance in Google Search Console

9475 Clicks during the past three months.  It means there are 9475 web suffers who search something on Google Search and saw a lot of Search Results including the web pages of my site. At last, they click the link on my webpage and land on my website.

The Indexing tab is shown how many pages are indexed in Google Search.

Indexing on Google Search

Look, 3590 indexed pages. It is quite a lot for a Blog. There are still a lot of pages that are not indexed.  Most of them are “Alternate page with proper canonical tag”. I am not worried about them.

The Experience and Enhancements parts are also in the overview tab.

Experience and Enhancements of Google Search Console

In the Experience, the webpage basic on-page performance is shown as is.  I checked the Mobile Performance. I believe it still some room to improve the performance.

I will check these web pages and fix them one by one.

For example, The Mobile page experience score is 76.6%, I checked the details of it.

Mobile Page Experience

Look at the bottom, 440 Failing URLs of Core Web Vistals, and 23 Failing URLs of Mobile Usability. I clicked the number 23 for details.

Mobile Usability Issue
If I continue to click the “Content wider than screen”, I will get a list of these 23 URLs which has this kind of issue. It gives me a way to find which webpage has a problem, and what kind of problem it is. Then I can fix it.

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