In the last week, I checked most of my sites of the broken links.
The link point to the web page which is not existing any more. It may return 404 error, or redirect to a domain parking page.

There are about 500 broken links in one of my sites.
I use the free service provided on Online Broken Link Checker

This tool will send a web spider to crawling the site you entered. The get the list of broken links and the page contains the broken link.

There are four types of broken links:

  1. Link to Expired Domain
  2. Link to the blog, which is re-sturctured. Just like URL changed from to
  3. Link to the site, which changed domain
  4. Link to the web page not existing in the web.

I always  do my best to find the replacing Url to correct the broken links. If I can not, I will remove the link but keep the content of link. For some webpage, I modify the content to make it completed.

David Yin

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