I have a Uniden Cordless phone, which is waterproof and charging wireless. It is not working anymore for months. Batter is exhausted. No display.

First, I think it might be battery issue. But, when I open the charging base, I found the problem.


I opened the base by removing four screws. The picture below shows a dark side look on the circuit board. I marked by black box.


The copper coil in the middle is the main part for charging battery.

Then, I remove the circuit board, and took two pictures on both sides.



The burn spot is clear. And also I can not identify the module or number of the electronic component above. Otherwise, I can bought one to replace it.

It is hard to find the information about this charging base. The model is DWX207, Input: DC19V, 100mA


Here is the user book of DWX207 Series, download DWX207om

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2 Replies to “Uniden waterproof cordless phone is broken

  1. Handset would not charge. So, I replaced battery in the handset, but it still would not charge. Stumbled upon your post here so I opened the charger up and noticed (just like in your photos) that it, too, was fried. I found a new charger online, set it up to charge and BINGO, the handset is working again. Thank you for posting this!

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