Used phone and refurbished phone

17 years ago, Charles Newman and his brother, Allan, noticed a tendency of Americans to use cell phones for brief periods and then discard them when an upgrade became available. This trend contributed to the accumulation of tons of solid waste, and what was interesting was the majority of these used phones being trashed were still operable. The Newmans realized this could be the path to a new industry that could be profitable and protect the environment simultaneously. As a result, the entrepreneurial brothers started ReCellular, Inc. as a means to restore, reuse, and conscientiously recycle junked cell phones.


ReCellular, which is located in Dexter, Michigan, has established itself as the largest recycler and retailer of refurbished phones and accessories on the planet. The company teamed up with the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association’s Wireless Foundation to sponsor the first Donate a Phone recycling event for a charitable cause. Over the years, they have partnered with wireless industry giants including Verizon, Motorola, Sprint, and Best Buy.

ReCellular’s dedication to a less polluted environment has earned them national and regional recognition. Every phone and accessory that is no longer functional gets recycled. As a result, ReCellular oversees the recycling of thousands of tons of electronic waste annually. Having donated or sold tens of millions of salvaged cell phones to a customer base spanning more than 40 nations, ReCellular has created an international web devoted to finding solutions that are socially, economically, and environmentally conscious in the realm of cellular technology.