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Get RESP for your kids

RESP is Registered Education Savings Plans. It is best saving plan for your kids.
Parents buy RESP for their kids. They can put money every year until the kid is 17.
Canada government will give some grants.
Here is an example.
1) One kid born in 2011.
2) His parent opens the RESP account for him when 6 month old.
3) Deposit $2000 into this account.
4) Government will give following grants to him

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5 Proven Ways to Maximize Your Cash Flow

There are five proven ways to help you maximize cash flow.
1. Pay yourself firs.
Set a savings goal – 10% or 15% of your gross income, and have that amount automatically transferred into a savings account every two weeks or half month. It is very important that keep the money there. Don’t make it accessible by ATM.
2. Build up a cash cushion for unexpected expenses.
It is kind of emergency fund. So you don’t have to resort to expensive credit on it.
3 month gross income is a reasonable figure.
3. Simplify your finances by consolidating your accounts in one place.
If your bank knows you are a good customer, it will give you better rates on mortgages, loans and term deposits. Maybe will waive the bank charge or give you a free safer.

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