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Google AdSense has payment issues from September

Yes, it is November now. Google AdSense payment issue from September is still not solved.
The email I received today from Google said:

We’re writing you to let you know about an issue that affects your AdSense payments.
In your AdSense account you’ll notice that your September earnings are displayed as $0 on the homepage and don’t appear at all on the Payments page. While your earnings were correctly calculated and are securely stored, system issues have prevented us from displaying your correct earnings total and issuing your October payment, even if your account exceeded the payment threshold.
No action is required from you at the moment. We know that regular payments are important to you and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

As a publisher, I can do nothing but wait. See when Google will solve this 2 month longer issue.


Three basic types of Income

As we know, all taxpayers resident in Canada must declare income from all kinds of sources, including those outside Canada, and must pay tax on their own taxable income.
There are three basic types of income.
Employment income
Most of our Canadians earn income through employment. Employment income includes all benefits the employee receives in connection with the services he provide to employer. So it is including any bonuses, gratuities, or honorariums, as well as any retiring allowance.
Basically, employer will withhold and remit to the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf your income tax and Employment Insurance and CPP/QPP. The whole year records will be shown on the T4s.

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Add a new Ads unit on blog

Today I added a new Google AdSense wide Skyscraper ad unit on the right side.
The purpose is to test the number of Page impressions, not for ads earning. If it is for earning, I always think less is better. And I will save the best place for the only one ads.
There are more and more bloggers have Google AdSense on their blogs. It is good for blogger and also good for audiance.

First of all, the content is king. I believe it. The good content can attrack Users attention and also Google likes it.
Then If users come to your site or blog, finish reading the main content of the page. He may do a quick look at the other interesting thing on page. At that time, content related Ads is best supplemental content for them.
Do not leave too much white space on your site. Only if you design the white space.
Try all kinds of ads in your blog. There must be one suitable for you.

How to handle the lower offer

I received an email from a guy who said he is a webmaster. He want to buy some text links on my site. It is another site, not this Blog.
The first question is Price?
He replied with some sample of this kind of ads he called it text link. Actually it is contextual link ads, which is a paragraph including 4 links.
And the price is over my imagination. He offered US$ 15 for lifetime each paragraph. There are 5. So Total is $75.
I have to decline it immediately with following message:

Sorry, I have to say the price is too low.
I normally charge $15 per link each month.

I think the price gap between us is so huge that he will quit. I am still wrong.
He replied and sent me a long analytic about the market and gave another offer.
$100 for the deal of 5 years in total.
So I said no, he gave another offer. I said no again, he gave another one offer.
Finally, he offered US$ 125 for the deal of 3 years and there will be 5 links in each paragraph, and total 5 paragraph.
It is still only 125/5/5/3/12= 0.12 per link each month.
I ask for $15 per link each month. I don’t want to waste time.
I have to deny it very clearly. It may hurt his heart. 🙂

I think we should close this kind of discussion. You can not accept my minimum price. So it is end. Do not waste your time and mine.

The actual market price is not same as what he said. I sold many text links. The lowest price I sold before is $15. The latest price is $30 I sold this morning.
So I want to announce that purchase text link on my sites only when you have $20 per link per month offer.

Make Money with WidgetBucks Online

WidgetBucks is an advertising network that gives a widget that displays shopping ads. When a reader clicks on the widget and visits the advertiser, you make money. WidgetBucks runs on a CPC model – you get paid when readers clicks on the ads – they do not have to make a purchase from the advertiser. WidgetBucks claims $3 to $6 eCPM in early test results.

It looks better than a lot of other CPC program. The average earning per click is about $0.20.


WidgetBucks has built-in code generator for TypePad, WordPress and Blogger. And it also provide a generic code for other blog platform.
The ads displayed on the site will depends on your choice of category or let MerchSense crawl your content and match it.
Now it has 8 sizes with 16 format. The color of ads are unlimited, because you can enter the HEX color code.
WidgetBucks is ideal for technology and shopping related sites and blogs. However, WidgetBucks is opening their widgets to everyone. There are no minimum requirements to join and the minimum payout is $50.
The Signup bonus is $25. So make $25 with WidgetBucks and you will get the first payout $50.

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BidVertiser Ads for Feed

You may be noticed that the previous post has only one code. It is a verification code for BidVertiser Ads for Feed.

It is a good way to make money from your Blog.
Click the button below to sign up as a publisher.

After sign up and add your blog into BidVertiser, you can get the Ads code and put into your Blog.

Make money is that simple and easy.

The way to add a Ads for Feeds is just five steps as below:

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