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CJ affiliates affected by Spybot Search & Destroy Immunize

I joined CJ just few monthes. It is a very good affiliate platform. I make money from it. Not that easy, buy simply.
OK, come back to the topic of this post.
I found the link or ads displayed on my site can not be click through. It always gave me the 404 error. It started from someday. I can not identify the problem by myself. So I make a ticket on the CJ’s backend. Two days later, the supporter told me to check the code. I know it is fine. After one more following email. I can not get the real answer from them to solve this problem.
Another day, I use other people’s computer to browser my site. The CJ’s link worked. I don’t know why. It is still not work on my own desktop.
Until I read this post from CPA Affiliates.
CJ affiliates Spybot Search & Destroy Immunize is killing your Sales!.
It tells the truth of the problem. Spybot Search & Destroy ‘s Immunize function. I remembered that I install the new version v1.5 on Oct. 15.
So I can do the best to solve this problem. Just undo the immunize and all the CJ links works.
It is hard to say Spybot Search & Destroy is bad. I use it for two years. It protected my computer with Firefox when I surf the ocean of Internet.

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How about Masterseek

Masterseek is a kind of search engine which provides quick and free access to company profiles, contact information, and descriptions of products and services from more than 45 million companies in 75 countries.
You may find masterseek can get some useful search results. Some times not.
Just like me, I tried to enter “sport insurance” in Canada. No response. It gave me only No hits and followed by two Google AdSense ads.
But when I put this search term into all world, some search results come up.
So I can not tell you is it good or not. It very depends on the user’s experience.
You know, some people like Google, some people like AOL, and some people like Yahoo. What about you, after you try this Masterseek?

Sign up for AuctionAds now and Get Instant $25

Update 2013.08.29: AuctionAds shut down.

AuctionAds issued a official post on September 5, 2007. Announced that they were increasing affiliate payout from 2% to 5% and today they sent words that any new publisher signing up for AuctionAds will get an instant $25 credited to his account.

Of course, the minimum payout is not $25 any more. It is raised to $50. You still have to earn another $25 to get pay.

OK. I do like this news.

For the current users, who have not get their first payout, will also have this $25 instant bonus. Sounds good.

So, if you are still thinking about sign up or not, just sign up for AuctionAds to get your $25.

What are you doing when you find your article is stolen

I found some of my articles are copied and posted on the other sites without my permission. They even do not follow my CC license.
I use “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Canada” license in this Blog.
It means anybody can copy, distribute, display, and perform my work, if he follow my conditions as below:
Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by me
Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
Someone faile to follow the copyright law. They don’t care it.
What do I do? If I find my article is stolen.

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Google Pack referrals expend to Canada

When Google first launched Google Pack referrals in May 2006, it is only available to USA publishers. Just noticed from Jensence’s Blog, Google Pack is also available in Canada. Great news.

I login the Google Adsense, and find more countries’ publisher can use this referral. Including Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and English.
I still remember Google Pack was only six software inside.

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Invalid clicks in Google Adsense

There are so many click fraud activitis in the Google Adsense players. Google has never disclosured any information about how to identify them. Adn also call it invalid clicks instead of click fraud.
An independent expert,(a professor at NYU, Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, produced a 47-page report.
He mentioned ten sources of invalid clicks. If you are a newbie of Google Adsense player, it is good for you to understand which are not permited to do.

1. individuals deploying automated clicking programs or software applications (called bots) specifically designed to click on ads
2. an individual employing low-cost workers or incentivizing others to click on the advertising links
3. publishers manually clicking on the ads on their pages
4. publishers manipulating web pages in such a way that user interactions with the web site result in inadvertent clicks
5. publishers subscribing to paid traffic websites that artificially bring extra traffic to the site, including extra clicking on the ads
6. advertisers manually clicking on the ads of their competitors
7. publishers being sabotaged by their competitors or other ill-wishers
8. various types of unintentional clicks, such as doubleclicks or customers getting confused and unintentionally clicking on the ad without a malicious intent.
9. technical problems, system implementation errors and coordination activities between and its affiliates resulting in double-counting errors
10. multiple accounts of AdSense publishers: some AdSense publishers illegally open “new” accounts under different names and using false identities; all the clicks originated from these illegal accounts are considered invalid.

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Channels now available for Google referrals

Google Adsense team announced that they provide channels for referrals to publishers. This is a long waiting feature.
As it indicated, the publisher can track the perfomance of your referral units across different pages, sites, or topics. You can also use channels to determine whether one referral design works better for you than another.
Adsense for content, Adsense for search and referrals, they all have channel tracking features.
The publisher have more flexibility to use their AD spaces on their web pages. To better referral and get better earnings.

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Inconsistency in Google Adsense

There is one inconsistency between the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions and the Program Policies.
I discussed with a smart person in the Adsensor Club and send a lot of emails to Google Support, Becky, back and forth.
In Google AdSenseTM Online Standard Terms and Conditions, Point 2 Implementation and Operation of Ads, Search Results, and Referrals. Section 1 Adsense for Search, the wording is as below:

AdSense for Search. If You have elected to receive Search Results, You will display on Your Site(s) a Google search box (a “Search Box”) in accordance with the specifications provided by Google. Each Web page(s) that contains a Search Box must also contain other content related to Your Site. Except for related Google queries, all search queries (including queries entered into an Ad search box) must originate from individual human end users inputting data directly into a Search Box (or Ad search box, as applicable) on Your Site(s). You will send any and all queries (without editing, modifying, or filtering such queries individually or in the aggregate) to Google and Google will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide You with corresponding Search Results and/or Ads, as applicable and as available. Search Results and any accompanying Ads will be displayed on Web pages hosted by Google (each, a “Search Results Page”), the format, look and feel of which may be modified by Google from time to time.

The sentence I think important is underlined.
My understanding is Each Web page(s) that contains a Search Box must also contain other content related to Your Site. Becky gave me the defination of other content.

By ‘other content,’ we mean that there should be text related to your site also on the page. For example, if your site is about television, the page with the search box should have text about televisions.

She also pointed that, “Please be assured that if a page contains other content related to your site, you may place the Google AdSense for Search bar on that page. Because the page contains content related to your site, it would not be considered a non-content-based page.”

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New Referrals products of Google Adsense

Based on the Google Adsense official blog, Google has added more products to the range of referral products for adsense publishers.
According to the official adsense blog they have released Picasa and Google Pack. You’ll earn up to $2 for each time a user installs Pack and up to $1 for each Picasa install.
For some odd reason I can only see picasa- Please check below screenshot:

I think Google will fix it this weekend.

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