The Google Adsense is like a bonus for my sites, including Yin’s Family, David Yin’s Blog, G2Soft.Net, and Canadian Insurance Advisor.
I love the internet, which provide the space to communicate with friends and family members, to share the thought, experience, and contribute the free time to help others.
It is a community. I post something interesting, and other browser them and go out through the links. Some links are set by Google Adsense, whith is an advertisement system. As a publisher, google will pay part of the advertisement revenue to us for the links from my sites.
When the balance of the Google Adsense account reaching $100, the payment will be send.
I got the first payment on Jan. 26, 2006. It is good and I will focus on it.

I dream I can get more earnings and it is enough to pay for a better server.
That’s all.
Google AdSense is one of best way to monetize your Blog.

David Yin

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