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Add a new Ads unit on blog

Today I added a new Google AdSense wide Skyscraper ad unit on the right side. The purpose is to test the number of Page impressions, not for ads earning. If it is for earning, I always think less is better. And I will save the best place for the only one ads. There are more

Merge AdSense account with Google Account

The Google AdSense has its own login account previously. During last year, it ask some people use their Google Account to replace the regular AdSense account login information. But it is not successful, if your Google Account has already associated with an AdWords, AdSense, or Books account. Now this limitation is broken. Google can provide

Google Pack referrals expend to Canada

When Google first launched Google Pack referrals in May 2006, it is only available to USA publishers. Just noticed from Jensence’s Blog, Google Pack is also available in Canada. Great news. I login the Google Adsense, and find more countries’ publisher can use this referral. Including Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,