Google announce new Video ads

The click-to-play video advertisements go on sale beginning May 23, and will be available to advertisers in the US, Canada, and Japan at launch. Visitors to sites in Google’s network of AdWords publishers will have complete control over the video ad experience.
So, Google has text, image, flash ad format. This time, Video ads come out.

First, as with all AdWords ad formats, video ads will compete for placement on sites in the Google content network with other text, Flash and image ads — and, as with our other image ad placements, you can choose to bid on a CPC or CPM basis.

If you are a Adsense user, doing following steps will give you changce to have a Google Video ads on your site.

There are no guarantees that click-to-play video ads will appear on your site; however, to increase the chances make sure to:
1) Opt into image ads.
2) Use one of the three ad formats that support video ads: 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 336×280 Large Rectangle, or 250×250 Square.

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