Update: Bloggerwave is shutdown already.
I’d like to introduce this new site, Bloggerwave, with a reviewme like Ads system.
I sign up on last weekend and submit this Blog as participate blog. It took about 3 days to get approval. So, this is the first opportunity to write something for Bloggerwave
The Signup steps look simple.
1) Register an account on it.
2) Add up to 5 blogs and wait for approval
3) Take the opportunity to do the review, Buzz or Opinion, and write you own post on your selected blog.
4) Wait for approving.
For Bloggerwave, I still think the price is very low than others.
The price is just based on the topic, not based on your blog. It is not so good.
For me, I’d like to accept a price about $25 per post with 60 words or more. And I also like to doing the review by my testing or experience. I can not say positive because it pay for it.
I just do the review by my own decision.
I feel Bloggerwave can make more improvement in the back-end.
Note: This a paid review.

David Yin

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