Now it is a php 7.2. Included in the Ubuntu 18.04. My site is running on this platform. I also want to try to run the php Benchmark test, and see how fast it is.   ————————————– | PHP BENCHMARK SCRIPT | ————————————– Start : 2018-06-07 11:38:41 Server : Reading

Afte last post, my php-fpm support the dbase database file now.  Here is an example php script. $db = dbase_open(‘../db/clients.dbf’,0); if ($db){ $record_numbers = dbase_numrecords($db); for ($i = 1; $i <= $record_numbers; $i++) { $row = dbase_get_record_with_names($db, $i); if ( strpos(trim($row[‘CLIENTNAME’]), $clientname) !== FALSE and $row[‘deleted’] != 1) { $clientidContinue Reading

It is a bench test. Testing on the testing machine I just installed in the previous post. Including PHP 5.3.28, PHP 5.4.28, and PHP 5.5.12, installed with fastcgi running on Apache and mod_fcgid. PHP 5.3 is 6.567 seconds. ————————————– | PHP BENCHMARK SCRIPT | ————————————– Start : 2014-05-24 16:27:00 ServerContinue Reading

PHP, as a program language, has its only life cycle. The main three version of PHP is 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5. PHP5.3 will be supported until July, 2014. It is still the main default version in CentOS. PHP5.4 will be supported until March, 2015 PHP 5.5 will be supported untilContinue Reading