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phpBB 3.0.11 released

It is time to upgrade the forum powered by phpBB.
New maintenance version 3.0.11 released.
I have a small forum just upgraded from 3.0.10 to 3.0.11. It is easy to use Automatic Update Package.
There are tons of bugs and improvements made on phpBB 3.0.11.
And one new feature:
[PHPBB3-10616] – Add template inheritance by default
When I login as administrator into ACP, there is one warning shown as below:
The version of PHP on this server will no longer be supported by future versions of phpBB.
Click the details and find the answer.
phpBB 3.1 “Ascraeus” to require PHP 5.3.2

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PHP 5.4.6 and PHP 5.3.16 released!

As a PHP developer, you need the following information.

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.4.6 and PHP 5.3.16. These releases fix over 20 bugs. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.4.6, or at least 5.3.16. For source downloads of PHP 5.4.6 and PHP 5.3.16 please visit our downloads page, Windows binaries can be found on The list of changes are recorded in the ChangeLog.

Bugs fixed in these two releases relate to things like bugs that were causing crashes in auto_prepend_file on the CLI web server, a segfault when DateInterval was extended, a return type on PDO and a fix for the count() call on an IteratorIterator. See the ChangeLog for the full list.

Three steps to make your own VPS

It is not that easy for a newbie to make a workable VPS by himself.
I have three year experience on VPS. I can make it as simple as possible to show you how to do it in three steps.
You need a VPS at least. I recommend BurstNet. The price is good. The service is OK per price.
After you order your own VPS and paid the invoice, you probably get the email in 8 hours for your account information.
You have panel and ssh account.
Went to panel and rebuild your VPS by choosing Centos 5 minimum OS template.
Now it is my three steps
1) Step 1
SSH your VPS by root user. Enter following command to install httpd

yum install httpd-devel

2) Step 2
Install MySQL server, and start MySQL server.

yum install mysql mysql-server mysql-devel
/etc/init.d/mysqld start

3) Step 3

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Custom PHP.INI on Dreamhost PS

To use custom PHP.ini on DreamhostPS or Dreamhost VPS, I did a lot of research. Actually search, or Google.
When I working on the Dreamhost Virtual hosting, I get the answer from Wiki of Dreamhost. But there are not enough information of PS on it.
The best answer from Google is here, from Dreamhost Scripts and Tips.

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Upload file with socket enabled

I have a website, which allow user to upload large file. Such as 200MB flv file through WEB interface. This kind of upload is not use FTP, not the regular php upload function, or get, post form function. The large file has to use socket to upload.
It need socket enabled on PHP.
I do have the –enable-sockets configuration on PHP.

The problem is happened when I upload the big file, it is always stopped or died on certain parts. About 4MB size.
I think it must be time out of php script.
Later I found a directive called
The default value is 60. It means 60 seconds.

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How to enable php5 at 1and1

With 1&1 Linux hosting packages you have the choice between PHP4, PHP5 and PHP6. 1&1 Web Hosting packages use PHP4 as default for all .php files.
Why 1and1 still using php4 as default? It is too old. A lot of program are not support php4 any more. Just like phpBB 3.
You may choose to simply name the script with the .php5 file extension if there are only a few scripts that require PHP5. If you don’t want to rename all your scripts to .php5, you can add the following into .htaccess file.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

Save the text file as .htaccess in the folder where you need to use PHP5 (or upload the file to the correct folder). The settings specified in the .htaccess file are recursive meaning that the settings will apply to the current folder where the file is saved as well as all subfolders.

What can go wrong when including another file into your php file

It is very often to include another file as a part of your script.


When do this kind of including, should be very careful on following parts.
1) The path to the script is wrong.
2) The path to the script is correct, but the script is in a forbidden directory.
3) The include file has a blank line or space before or after the code in the PHP script.
It is very easy to omit the space after the code.
4) The include file can be viewd by non-PHP methods.
5) You’re in include overload.
6) You are using unchecked variables as include filenames.
It may make your site unsafe in some situation.
The tips of including file are learned from “Wicked Cool PHP”

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