How to install PEAR on Dreamhost

I have two news, one good, one bad.
The bad news is Dreamhost has no PEAR default.
The good news is we can install it by ourselves.
Let us go through the steps of install PEAR on Dreamhost.
1) SSH to Dreamhost.
2) Enter the command

pear config-create $HOME .pearrc

3) Enter the install command

pear install -o PEAR

Now you can enter pear help to see the information of PEAR you just installed.
The PEAR environment is installed.
What about install the package?
Just one command:

pear install pear/PackageName

If you want to install a beta version of package and get the following error like:

Failed to download pear/Console_ProgressBar within preferred state "stable", latest release is
version 0.5.0beta, stability "beta", use channel://"
to install
Cannot initialize 'channel://', invalid or missing package file

Just change the preferred setting by command:

pear config-get preferred_state beta

After installing the beta package, enter the following command to change it back to stable.

pear config-get preferred_state stable


  1. Thanks man, was stuck on this, didn’t know about step 2 and step 3 wouldn’t work without it. Followed your steps and we’re golden, thanks!

  2. Shouldn’t this line:
    pear config-get preferred_state beta
    use config-set, like this:
    pear config-set preferred_state beta

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