Upgrade your Ubuntu from 7.10 to 8.04

I saw the official site said, new Ubuntu will release in 6 days. I am already waiting for months.
Can we upgrade it now?
DaNmarner said it is time to upgrade now.

Back up all your important files.
Make sure you have at least 1GB space on the Ubuntu partition.
Install update-manager in a terminal if you don’t have it:
sudo aptitude install update-manager
Stay in the terminal:
update-manager -c -d
There’s no need to use sudo here.
Update Manager will tell you that Ubuntu 8.04 is available now!
Don’t hesitate to click the button “update”!
Next, you will see a release candidate for “Hardy Heron”, feel free to neglect it (or read it, if you can wait), click the button “Upgrade”.
There’s not much left to do but wait in the next couple of hours. Except that you need to click “Yes” when the manager ask you about changing source.list.
When it almost comes to the end, a window asking if you want to delete the old packages, let’s call it “Remove”.
Well, you need to restart your machine before start exploring Hardy Heron.

I will try it tonight.
I hope it improved hardware compatible and let my ATI 2600 Pro AGP work on it.

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