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DIY Chinese Visa Photo

Here is a How-to guide to DIY Chinese Visa Photo. The requirement of it is 33mm x 48mm, a little bit smaller than 2 inches. Here is a sample picture from official China embass website. So just take a picture by yourself and use any photo editing tool you like. 1) Make it 300dpi. 2)

DIY: Make a Barbie Dollhouse

My daughters, Grace and Gloria, have more than forty barbies. I am always thinking about a Barbie dollhouse. I don’t like the one from Toys R US, which is made by paper or very thin wood. I like wood one. Maybe I can make it by myself. One day, I dream it like this. Google

Replace Faucet Seat

I have an 2 Handle Shower faucet. I am familar with replacing the washer. Actually I did it before. Now I managed to fix the leak faucet again last Saturday. I change the washer of hotwater faucet. When I test it, still leak, even I make it very tightly. Later I feel the faucet Seat

Christmas gift is a set of Hardware

I bought the new hardware to upgrade my Desktop. Actually it is not an upgrade. It is almost brand new one. I ordered them online with Ncix.com Let me show you what I got. 31195 Palit Radeon HD 3870 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E DVI-I HDMI Video Card 1 $109.99 $109.99 24129 Antec Earthwatts 500W Power Supply

Logitech EX110 Mouse problem

I have a set of Logitech EX110 keyboard & mouse set at home. I used it about 20 months. From last month, I have a problem with the mouse. When I make a single click on the left button, it works like double click. Not always, but very often. And also it happens randomly. So

Remove Adware.roogoo

The office computer always displayed a Symantec warning, which said Adware.roogoo is found and removed last week. I trust this virus is not removed, because this warning window poped every day. I search Symantec site. Behavior Adware.Roogoo is adware that installs a Layered Service Provider that monitors network traffic. The risk reports Google search terms