My house got a new furnace in 2002 spring. It is a high-efficiency furnace, which requires individual venting pipes. One is for combustion air, the other one is for exhaust air. The combustion air pipe brings air into the furnace and mixes it with fuel, allowing the fuel to burn. The exhaust pipe vents combustion gases to the outdoors. My old furnace is a traditional one.  After installation, there are two additional pipes in my basement across the room.

When I did the renovation of the basement, I moved two existing IKEA BILLY bookshelves under the pipes. and built a box to cover the pipes.

I used 2by4 lumber to make the frame of the box. Then covered by a plywood sheet.

I am not very confident with the chain, which is hanging the pipes. So I add blocks to support them.

The space behind the bookshelf is used as a bedroom.

From the picture, you may notice that the pipes are not exactly above the bookshelf. So I used the space as a storage


I put a small bookcase between the two BILLY bookshelves. It is facing the other way. So it can be accessed from the bedroom.

I attached a plywood sheet to the back of the bookshelves. Then painted it.

These pictures were taken when I did the renovation. Here are some pictures I took just a few minutes ago.

These are part of the basement renovation. I will post more about the whole project.

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