It is Autumn now. The temperature is under 15°C during the daytime, under 10°C at nighttime. So it is time to turn on the furnace because my house is heated by a forced-air heating system.

I turned the thermostat to 20, but nothing happens. So I go to check the furnace. I found no fire on.

I open the panels and check the valves.

The module is VR8200H1236. I still remembered the gas technical replace it last winter. But, I forgot what he told me how to re-light the pilot fire.

Then I turn the valves to off position and turn the thermostat to the lowest.

I google the videos about how to re-light it. And a lot of videos come out. Most of them are of different types of modules. The only one I saw is almost the same as mine.

Just in case the video may be invalid in the future. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Turn the switch to OFF and wait at least five minutes.
  2. Turn the thermostat to the lowest.
  3. Get the lighter.
  4. Turn the valves switch to the PILOT position.
  5. Push the red button and hold it, light the pilot tip, hold the red button for one minute.
  6. Release the red button and turn the switch to the ON position.
  7. Go to turn the thermostat to 20°C.
  8. The furnace will on to generate the heat.


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