Duracell Crank Light for emergency

I went to Costco this afternoon and bought a pack of Duracell Crank Light as below.
There are following items in this package. Two lights, Two cable with USB and AC end. One owner’s manual. It is not just a emergency light. It can also function as a AM/FM radio and USB charger. Ok, let me list the full features. 1) AM/FM operations. 2) Light Operation 3) Charging Internal Bateries 3.1 Charge by using Crank handle. 3.2 Charge by using external cable from computer USB port. 4) Charging External Devices, such as Cell phone. Cranking at 120 rpm for about 1 minute will provide enough charging to operate the 3 LED light for 30 minutes, 2.5 hours of orange blinker, or 12 minutes of radio. I do really want to have this kind of light. It is good for use when windstorm comes to power cut, or camp out of the town. I paid it about $16.