Now, my email server is not Imail 8.1 any more. hMailServer is my best choice when I search the Open Source email server.
Most important thing is that it is totally free and Open Source. I said before, I will replace all my desktop software and server software by Free and Open Source software. This is one of the steps.
Let me introduce the features and functions of hMailServer.
* Virtual domains
* Built-in backup
* Scripting
* External accounts
* Rules
* Multilingual
* AntiVirus
* Spam protection
* Routing
* MX backup
* Load balancing
* Mirroring
* Multihoming
* SQL-support

It support MySQL database. Even you don’t have MySQL on your server, you still can use it. Because it has a build-in MySQL dababase server.
Installation is very simply. Just followed the installation guide.
I like the default setting. No open relay is the default setting.
The security setting is very powerfull. I can even ban some IP address. Such as some So-Net ip.
It support more than one domain name.

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