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IP Address Banned in hMailServer

I mentioned about spammer want to send spams through my email server. I have to ban some IP address range.
It is very easy to config it in hMailServer administration interface.
The following image is the screen shoot after setup.
Please notice the IP range:
Ban IP 1: –
Ban IP 2: –
These two IP ranges are subset of the IP address of So-Net. I just banned part of their IP.
The default setting is accept all IP address with priority 10.
I added these Ban IP with priority 30. So I don’t need to change the default IP address range.

You must be noticed that a special IP address. It belongs to Defender Technologies Group, LLC. I think it is a ISP or hosting company in USA.

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Installation of hMailServer

I installed hMailServer as my Email server last week. Let me keep a log of my installation.
Step 1.
Download hMailServer from the official site. The latest stable version is hMailServer 4.3 – Build 248. Download here. File size 3,568KB.
Setp 2.
Install hMailServer by double-clik the file downloaded to launch the setup.
The package has a built-in MySQL database. Because I have a MySQL server running on my Windows 2003 server, I select to use an external database.
After installation, run the hMailServer Database Setup wizard.
And I set a password which will be needed later.
Step 3.
I use external MySQL, so I have tu run the appropriate script from the hMailServerAddonsService dependencies folder. It is located on the installation folder.
Step 4.
DNS configuration.
I set it up already. Just MX record.

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Move to hMailServer 4.3 – Build 248

Now, my email server is not Imail 8.1 any more. hMailServer is my best choice when I search the Open Source email server.
Most important thing is that it is totally free and Open Source. I said before, I will replace all my desktop software and server software by Free and Open Source software. This is one of the steps.
Let me introduce the features and functions of hMailServer.
* Virtual domains
* Built-in backup
* Scripting
* External accounts
* Rules
* Multilingual
* AntiVirus
* Spam protection
* Routing
* MX backup
* Load balancing
* Mirroring
* Multihoming
* SQL-support

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