During the last month, I was renovating on my daughter’s room.  Including the following small items: remove the old carpet, clean the subfloor, fix the uneven subfloor, patch the wall, patch the ceiling, paint the wall, paint the ceiling, replace the broken receptacles, install the new SPC floating floor, install the baseboard, install the base shoe, replace a window screen, add a weather strip to airtight the window.

One of the items I would like to mention is to repair the cracking subfloor.  It will bend when I step on it.

OK. Let me show you how to fix it.

Measure the size, draw the line, and cut the broken part of the subfloor. One side is just along the joist. The other side is the original edge.

I use the nail as the guide to locate the joists under the subfloor. I drilled four holes to make sure the cut line. I use the circular saw to cut it.

I draw a draft plan. Because the heating vent pipe is under it, I can not make a square support by 2X4. So I plan to add two pieces of 2×4 on the left and right sides.

I also check the thickness of the subfloor.

The panel on the right is the one I cut from the subfloor. It is 5/8 inch. I have a piece of leftover 3/8 OBS. I plan to put two pieces of 3/8 inch to make it 6/8 inch. 1/8″ over.

About the screws I used, it is construction screws.

The two pieces of 2×4 is installed. They are 1/8″ lower than joists.

I cut two pieces of the 3/8″ board, and glue them together with four wood screws. I dry-fit it. Use a chisel to make it fit in.

Look at the above picture, on the right side, there is a small strip glued down on the joist. I used the original 5/8″ material I cut.

There are some videos I watched on YouTube. I learned a lot from them. Thanks to them, I would like to share my experience as a DIYer.


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