Now it’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10.
There is no free shipit for 6.10. And it is not a Long Term Support (LTS).
You can download it here.
Let’s see some new features implemented in Ubuntu 6.10.
1) New Startup Screen.
It will looks much clear in different resolutions.
2) GNOME 2.16
This is the latest GNOME.
3) Tomboy
Note-taking tool.
4) F-spot
F-spot is a photo manager to replace the gthumb.
5) Evolution
Evolution 2.8.0 comes with GNOME.

6) Firefox 2.0
Firefox 2.0 is just released. So good to be included in the Ubuntu 6.10.
7) OpenOffice 2.0.4
It is a security and bugfix release.
8) Gaim 2.0 beta 3.1
IM client software with your friend on Yahoo, ICQ, SIP support.
9) Orca
Help the people with visual impairments to use computer.
10) New Theme
Good new look.
11) Rounded window borders
Small change, for round corner.
12) Upstart – init redone
Init part is quicker.

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