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Ubuntu 6.10 is released (Edgy Eft)

Now it’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10.
There is no free shipit for 6.10. And it is not a Long Term Support (LTS).
You can download it here.
Let’s see some new features implemented in Ubuntu 6.10.
1) New Startup Screen.
It will looks much clear in different resolutions.
2) GNOME 2.16
This is the latest GNOME.
3) Tomboy
Note-taking tool.
4) F-spot
F-spot is a photo manager to replace the gthumb.
5) Evolution
Evolution 2.8.0 comes with GNOME.

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Twelve Ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft

I read the Twelve Ways to protect yourself from Identity Theft on “Digital Home”.
It shows about 25% Canadian have either themselves personally (4%), or know someone who has (20%), been subject to identity theft.
What is Identity Theft?
The federal office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada defines identity theft as the unauthorized collection and use of your personal information, usually for criminal purposes. The government says that every year, thousands of people are victims of identity theft.
Why do criminals want this information? Your name, date of birth, address, credit card, Social Insurance Number (SIN) and other personal identification numbers can all be used to open credit card and bank accounts, redirect mail, establish cellular phone service, rent vehicles, equipment, or accommodation, and even secure employment.
If a thief gets a hold of your personal information, then they can rack up huge bills, charges, bad cheques, and taxes that would become your responsibility.
In 2004, PhoneBusters National Call Centre, the national call centre dedicated to the prevention of deceptive telemarketing, received 11,001 identity theft complaints by Canadians, amounting to more than $18.3 million in fraud losses.

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