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Do you want Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows Vista is delivered with a lot of new PCs and also a lot of Upgrade version are sold in stores. Do you like this good look Vista or waiting for the next version of Windows? Someone said the next Windows, Windows 7 will be released in 2010. For Windows Vista, I think you’d better

Ubuntu 6.10 is released (Edgy Eft)

Now it’s time to upgrade your Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10. There is no free shipit for 6.10. And it is not a Long Term Support (LTS). You can download it here. Let’s see some new features implemented in Ubuntu 6.10. 1) New Startup Screen. It will looks much clear in different resolutions. 2) GNOME 2.16

APE to MP3 on Windows 2000

I posted How to convert APE to MP3 in Chinese one year ago. Now I feel it is not completed to explain the whole story for converting and some setting for the program working on Windows 2000 English version. How to Convert APE to MP3 on Windows 2000? I have following files download somewhere. Do