Do you want Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows Vista is delivered with a lot of new PCs and also a lot of Upgrade version are sold in stores.
Do you like this good look Vista or waiting for the next version of Windows?
Someone said the next Windows, Windows 7 will be released in 2010.
For Windows Vista, I think you’d better to wait for the SP1 before purchase it.
Microsoft just released two Vista updates.
One update (KB938979) deals with poor memory management, memory leaks when using Vista’s Energy screen saver, and delays in returning from hibernation or exiting the Photos screen saver. It also fixes file corruption problems when writing to AVI files, synchronizing offline files to servers, and editing image files that use the RAW format.
The second update (KB938194) addresses compatibility and reliability issues, including graphics problems, printers spooler interruptions, screens going blank when external displays are turned off, display driver error messages, and diagnostics problems under heavy usage.
Service Pack 1 is in early testing. So we just need waiting.
For me, I will try to change my direction to Linux.
Is it a good idea?

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