Vista vs. Ubuntu

In Eweek issue on Aug., 7, 2006, there is a article “Blog Talk: Vista VS. Ubuntu”.
There are 20 people said in different point of view.
Even I still use the Windows XP as my main operation system, the Ubuntu is my next choice.
Don said he want photoshop and all his windows software can run on Linux. This is a silly thought.
You don’t need the Photoshop, you can use Gimp.
And almost all windows software can be replced by Linux software and you don’t need to pay for them. See my software list.

LJR said

,Maybe for business use you can compare, but the large portion of Vista’s initial market is going to be home users. Can Ubuntu serve the home user better than Vista? Not if you’re a gamer or an avid user of “Windows Only” applications.

Yes. Game is the problem for Ubuntu. To create more ubuntu only game is very important. But you never see any Ubuntu program work on it only. It is easy to be transfered between different Linux distribution. It is Open.
RayCollazo said,

For all those people who cannot live without their Photoshop, try Ubuntu and load “Wine” onto it.

So good advice, you can use Wine to emulate windows environment to run you windows only program.

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4 Replies to “Vista vs. Ubuntu

  1. Hi,
    Ubuntu which is only few years old is getting its share of the market and competing the older guys (M$ & MAC). LOL did they get to be too old yet. For most of the normal users need Ubuntu can do just fine. If only gaming companies can offer more games for Ubuntu I would been the happiest to use it for ever. To find out how Ubuntu compare to Vista into all other aspects get a look at
    I hope Ubuntu will be THE OS in the future, then we only can save money when buying the new hardware.

  2. Replacing Photoshop with Gimp?
    Have you ever worked with them professionally? I did, with both.
    Gimp can’t step on Photoshop’s pinkie.

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