Ubuntu VS Windows

Application nameMarket price
(tigerdirect.com or vender site)
Application name
OS Windows XP home w/ sp2192.99Ubuntu 5.10 i386
Chinese inputSmart PinyinfreeSCIM
Office SuiteOffice 2003 std.341.99Openoffice.org 2
Text EditorUltraEdit 10.039.95Gedit 2.12.1
DictionaryPowerword 200549.95StartDict
Ebook ReaderAdobe Reader 7.0

CHM reader

freeEvince 0.4.0


MultiMedia PlayerMediaPlayer


(avi, rmvb, xvid, divx, quicktime)

freeTotom, Xine, win32codes


Images ViewerACDSee 7.049.99gThumb 2.6.5
Photo EditorPhotoShop CS2 v9.0569.99Gimp 2.2.8
CompressWinRAR 3.229.00Nattilus 2.12.1
EmuleEmule 4.6cfreeAmule 2.0.3
Download ToolsThunder 5freeDownload for X v2.5.0
Ftp ClientFlashFXP25.00Gftp 2.0.18
IM Tools 
MSN Messenger 7.0freeGAIM 1.5.0
Google TalkfreeGAIM 1.5.0
Email ClientOutlook ExpressfreeEvolution 2.4.1
Web BrowserIEfreeFirefox 1.0.7
Security suiteMcafee Internet Security Suite29.99unnecessary
DVD/CD BurnerNero 6 Ultra86.00
Total Cost of Software 1,414.85free

There are so many options. I list what are installed on my Ubuntu pc.
I will try the software one by one and compare with the application on the windows side by side.
I trust that it is the habit, not the tech., to postpone the change from the paid software to free software.


  1. Well…
    The comparative is made with the average windows user… However, it’s a bit unfair, thought (I’ve been using Linux on my both pc’s since 2 years and also on my psp)
    However, I do miss photoshop…is the only thing I miss. Photoshop is very better than The Gimp… as I tried with it and I can’t do several things (I’m still on the search of the magic wand lol)

  2. To Eirik,
    Yes, you are right.
    I will try to find more freeware on Windows.

  3. I really don’t think you are beeing fair here. You are comparing the most expensive commercial applications for windows against only open source applications on linux. One can easily find most of what you listed for windows as free software. Take Nero for example: I’m using CD Burner XP Pro (http://www.cdburnerxp.se/) which has the same features, but it’s free. Same goes for Ultra Edit. Why not use Notepad++? Adding Photoshop as the preferred image editing tool is a bit much. If the linux user can mange with GIMP, so can the windows user.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really like Ubuntu (use it both on my workstation and on my box at home), but I think your comparison is pretty unfair against Windows.

  4. Hi Tez and AZ,
    Yes, I use Filezilla too. It is wonderful FTP client software under Windows. You know, I posted it about 1 and half years ago. So many new stuff coming later. I will update this post next week.
    I think I may post something about freeware on Windows.
    Good idea.

  5. Err.. you should compare like with like
    Open Office is available on both platforms, as is GIMP. Although it is free I should point out that Azureus is free, and why use Outlook express when you can use Thunderbird…
    Also there are free DVD burners on Windows and Linux.
    As well as programmers notepad as a text editor…AVG antivirus, photoviewer, filezilla.
    I dont want to sound like a microsoft fan boy, but $250 is a more accurate price difference…

  6. I would strongly disagree with comparing photoshop and gimp. gimp is great and all, but photoshop is leagues ahead, maybe paintshop pro is a more accurate comparison.
    Also Filezilla is free so you should knock off the FTP program from your list.
    I do like Ubuntu though, but some comparisons are not right.

  7. what about video chat with people using yahoo, msn, google talk? How can you get through and talk to them? Gyachi sucks (freezes regularly) and you cannot convince everyone to switch to other programs… any solutions? Also, firefox, skype, etc is many versions ahead for windows

  8. Great…Is there any way for opening .wmv amd mp3 files.Also, we can use VLC player in place of real player.

  9. HAHA very funny! Even if ubuntu cost $1,414.85, I would still be using it!
    Get Linux.
    Don’t get Windows.
    If need be, get Tiger.
    Chant with me! “Lets go Linux lets go who who”

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