Ubuntu has a branch version, Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR). For Ubuntu 9.04, UNR is released at the same time.
It is designed based on regular Ubuntu, but remixed for Netbook.
For users:
* New Interface – built for accessing your favourite on and off-line applications rapidly and optimised for the restricted screen size this is radically different
* No viruses – Ubuntu is a smooth, safe computing and browsing experience
* Optimised for netbook components – built from the ground up to take advantage of speed and power capabilities of the chip set
* Large developer community – gain the benefits of innovation from some of the world’s leading free and open source developers

Let us have a look at technical specifications.
* Processor: Intel® Atom™ processor
* RAM: 512 MB
* Storage: 4 GB Flash disk (SSD) or hard disk
applications included
* Adobe Flash
* Adobe Reader
* Java JVM
* Skype
* Web browser – Firefox 3
* E-mail client – Evolution
* Instant messenger – Pidgin
* Media player – Rhythmbox
* eBook reader – FBReader
* Photo viewer – F-Spot
* Office suite – OpenOffice.org
More detail about UNR, please click here.

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